Maharishi Vaani

Maharishi Vaani - Episode 1134 - January 24, 2018 - Full Episode

E 1134

24 Jan 2018

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1h 30m



Dr. Shri Maharshi Ananda Guruji is well known astrologer and a thinker from Karnataka.'Maharshivani' is a devotional program featuring Shri Maharshi Ananda Guruji. This show involves exploring the spiritual realm with unique methods of predictions and discourse by Shri Maharshi Ananda Guruji. Religious and spiritual leader Shri Maharshi Ananda Guruji will preach and spread knowledge through 'Maharshivani'.According to Guruji, by adopting traditional customs, man can lead a good life in this modern world also. Guruji is capable of explaining these important things in simple ways. He will analyze these things in a different manner. Shri Maharshi Ananda Guruji will also give solutions to the audience personal problem.You can contact Guruji by mailing your queries at the foll id's Email :, maharshivani@zee.esselgroup.comOr by Calling Phone No: 080-26690899/080-41219999