Love Beyond Borders - Episode 8

Love Beyond Borders - Episode 8

E 8

25 Feb 2021

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"A collection of incredible stories that redefine cultural boundaries. This is a lifestyle documentary series sharing stories of people who found love in a different culture. Find out what it would be like to live with someone who came from a totally different world than you. We meet the truly global couples of Dubai who share their unique perspective of love, life, humanity and differences. The episodes feature 4 dynamic couples:A Scottish – Singaporean couple, Richard and Veronika, who have an intriguing story about destiny. An Indian - Pakistani couple, Jignesh and Mariam, who have so much in common and yet they used to harbor so many myths about each other’s communities.An Indian – Kazak couple, Swaroop and Carligash, who had an arranged marriage despite coming from very different cultural backgrounds.”A Turkish – Jordanian couple, Savas and Hana, who have shared their beautiful wedding story.The series documents what brought them together and what was their experience of sharing the news with their friends & family. It explores how each journey is quite unique and yet the same as another riveting love story."""