Kamali wins the college elections - Episode 85

E 85

21 Sep 2018

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In Kamali September 21, 2018 episode, Kamali explains the truth to Ajji while getting back to college in the car. At the college; the founders, principal and other board members insult Kamali for her behaviour. Finally, Chandru lets Kamali talk in front of everyone. At that time, Kamali explains the truth to everyone in the room. When no one believes it, Rishi and his sister Rachana come to he rescue and explain what happened at the party. Rachana also shares photographic evidences when asked. Finally, Annapoorna decides that Kamali is innocent and should be allowed to contest the elections. Finally, it was time to announce the election results. Annapoorna was called on the stage to pick the winner's name. Who won the election? Find out in Monday's episode.