Kamali - Episode 83 - September 19, 2018 - Full Episode

E 83

19 Sep 2018

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In Kamali September 19, 2018 episode, Kamali starts pleading with the police in the jail. The police does not believe what Kamali says and continues to question her. In the meanwhile, Anika's grandmother makes a tie with the police. She pays the police a lot of money to make sure he continues what he's doing. Back home, Rachana gets back to the house in an inebriated state however, she escapes from the prying eyes of her mother. At the police station, the police continue to question Kamali about her wrongdoings, for which, Kamali denies it. Meanwhile, the news about Kamali's wrongdoings also come on TV news, which Rishi and family see it. Immediately, Rishi rushes to the police station and assures Kamali that he will try and get her out of this mess. Will Rishi be able to save Kamali?