Dance India Dance 2017

Dance India Dance 2017- Auditions - Episode 1 - November 4, 2017 - Full Episode

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4 Nov 2017

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Dance India Dance season 6. The Mother of all dance shows returns! One cannot speak of India and Dance and not mention the show that has changed the country's definition and perspective towards dance. Staying true to its nature DID season 6 is taking things up a notch and promises to be bigger, bolder and better. Jiski kismet saath degi, paas uske Taqdeer ki topi hogi!The race for finding Indian's dancing superstar starts!Never seen before, DID this season will bring together the film industry stalwarts, each passing week these ace challengers will present a new daunting task. They not only put the learning and performing abilities of the dancing stars at test but also test the scope of the masters ability to understand and interpret the challenge the best way possible and stand out. Who better than these along with the Masters to choose India's next dancing superstar.