Anjali - Episode 162 - December 14, 2017 - Full Episode

E 162

14 Dec 2017

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Asim scolds Glucose for not being able to keep things confidential. He decides not to involve him in Anjali's birthday party planning. Listening to this, Glucose starts crying and tells him that he does everything to make their love life happening.Anjali Kshirsagar is a young, confident girl from neighboring town of Nasik. She chooses to be a doctor for two reasons. First, it was her father's dream that she should become a doctor. Second reason was she wanted to start a mobile hospital to cure people in the areas where hospitals could not be built. When she goes for the internship at Dr. Janardan Khanapurkar's Hospital, she faces some issues which breaks her morality. Her fight against all odds and standing headstrong is the story of Anjali - Zep Swapnanchi.