Adhuri Kahaani Humari

Adhuri Kahaani Humari - Episode 129 - May 11, 2016 - Full Episode

E 129

11 May 2016

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Mehak feels guilty about watching Radhika kill her relatives but her mother explains to her that Radhika is doing no wrong by bringing an end to evil. Meanwhile, Preeti comes up with another plan and possesses Om with an evil spirit. Radhika, Mehak and her mother are surprised to see Om behaving strangely and Radhika informs them that Om is now an evil spirit. She states that she now has to kill Om and instantly Mehak stands before Radhika. Preeti, on the other hand, is pleased to see the family going against Radhika. Although Mehak and her mother try to stop Radhika, she ends up killing the evil spirit and in turn kills Om. Preeti is shocked to see that Radhika has killed her own family member. But has Radhika killed Om for real? Watch Adhuri Kahaani Humari to know more.