sambit Patra vs Mrityunjay Tiwari over death figures from Corona in bihar dangal show

Aaj Tak


11 Jun 2021






Audio Languages:Hindi

During the second wave of Corona, questions are being raised continuously on the figures of deaths in Bihar. The Patna High Court itself has repeatedly lashed out at the government for the huge difference in figures. Whether it is the case of bodies being found on the banks of the Ganges in Buxar or the number of dead bodies burning at the cremation grounds of Patna. Government figures were always under suspicion. But now the government itself has admitted that there has been a huge discrepancy in the figures of deaths from Corona. On the same issue, during the debate in the 'Dangal Show', there was a fight between sambit Patra and Mrityunjay Tiwari over the death figures from Corona, Watch the full debate.