5 Instances From Sudeep Starrer Hebbuli That Prove That Good Always Triumphs Over Evil

Parinika Uchil

August 14, 2019


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1. Captain Raam saved the doctors

Captain Ram After A Successful Rescue Mission In Hebbuli

Namma Kiccha Sudeep, who plays the character of Captain Raam in the film, stealthily saves a few doctors, who get abducted by miscreants while on their medical check-up tour. Despite the retaliation of the goons, Raam is successful in his mission.

It is imperative to make movies that are sensible yet leave an impact on the minds of the viewers. Directed by S Krishna and starring Kichcha Sudeep and Amala Paul, Hebbuli is a movie that works on exactly these principles.

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2. Rescuing Nandini

Kiccha Sudeep And Amala Paul in Hebbuli

As Nandini is trying to help Ram on his case, she finds herself trapped by a few thugs, but not for long! The thugs are eventually beaten to the ground and obviously, they lose.

3. Ram’s brother had a belief

Prachi R Naik In A Still From the Film

Sathyamurthy’s daughter Ritu (played by Prachi R Naik) reveals her father’s belief during a show at her school. She quotes her father, “You never have to hesitate about doing anything in life, if you are on the path of truth. Only those up to no good must worry about the path ahead“.

4. Exposing the medicine scam

Ravi Kishan And P Ravishankar In Hebbuli

Ram slyly exposes the villains and broadcasts it for the whole nation to see. While the villains are rejoicing their victory, the public steams in anger towards them.

5. Karma steps in

A Still From The Climax Of Hebbuli

In the end, everyone is where they belong including all the villains who staged Sathyamurthy’s death. All the lies and pretence washes away in the end when karma walks in, in the form of Captain Ram. He succeeds in providing justice to his brother and the poor families affected by the scam.

Remember this – don’t ever support wrong or evil. Whether you believe it or not, karma is waiting somewhere and will come for you at the time you least expect it. Be like Captain Ram and fight against evil and injustice!

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