Sathya Enna Penkutty: A confidante like Cleetus is who you need for an easier life

Cleetus has always been Sudhi’s confidante. From picking him up when he’s down to throwing some amazing parties, here’s why we all need a Cleetus in our lives.

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January 8, 2021


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We all know how good a duo Sathya Enna Penkutty’s Sudhi and Sathya make! But even they need a supportive pillar sometimes and they both deserve a good friend. Both Sudhi nor Sathya are lucky to have a trusting friend like Cleetus in their lives. Like a good friend, Cleetus has always been by their side. There have been times when he had to take the heat for happenings and even then, he never left his friends’ side and this is one of his most important qualities. Never complaining and always ready to help Sudhi think straight, here’s why we all need someone like Cleetus in our lives.

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True and Loyal

Sathya Enna Penkutty’s Sudhi has been through many ups and downs and Cleetus has often been by her side. From coming up with instant solutions to solving the problems, he has been loyal to Sudhi and it is fulfilling to watch the duo together.

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Best Surprises

We all need a friend with a lot of innovative ideas to put together some quality birthday surprises. Lucky for Sudhi, she has Cleetus to help her plan a surprise for Sathya. We could never forget Cleetus getting thrashed by Sathya for pulling a prank on her.

Thinking Alike

A good friend knows what you are thinking and is always ready to finish your sentences. Sudhi is often put in situations when he is forced to use his brain cells to figure out some solutions and if it weren’t for Cleetus, he would’ve struggled even more. From figuring out Sathya’s character to cancelling out bad moves in business, Cleetus knows to dissect Sudhi’s thoughts.

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Shower Unconditional Support

Watching Cleetus’ face change when something bad happens to Sathya or Sudhi is endearing. From Abhijit’s speech attacking Sathya’s character to raging at Sudhi’s decision to concede to Abhijit’s demands, Cleetus has shown us that he can give unconditional support and never let them feel low. We all deserve a friend like Cleetus in our lives.

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