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Sara Ali Khan Shares Anecdotes About Her And Janhvi Kapoor’s Unbreakable Bond – Deets Inside


January 5, 2022

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Sara Ali Khan is one of the most promising actresses in the film industry and has worked in several films establishing herself through her elegance. She recently spoke about Janhvi Kapoor and their chemistry

Janhvi Kapoor and Sara Ali Khan are frequently pitted against each other. In real life, though, the young divas have a strong friendship. Sara spilled the beans, telling a news source that they are both ambitious young females who have wasted 18 months of their lives to COVID. They have a connection because of that, according to her. Despite their differences, Sara feels they are both at ease in their own flesh.

Sara has previously talked out about whether or not the cutthroat rivalry and comparisons annoy her in an interview with a top magazine. She stated that comparison and competitiveness are inherent in their line of work. She isn’t worried, and there is enough room for everyone here, and both of them are confident and secure in their separate roles. They have nothing against one other or the media, and they understand that doing what they do is part of their work. She also stated that they are here to act and that nothing works better than independence.

She went on to say that whether it’s herself and Janhvi or even Ananya Panday, they have more in common than the actresses do with other people. Sara Ali Khan also stated that they are young beauty queens seeking to make it enormous in a world they have only imagined. Sara is pleased, confident, and pleased with her current situation, and she is confident that they are as well. She believes they do not need to regard one other as contenders, but rather as friends, which they already are. Competition in every area puts somebody on their toes since it promotes a healthy environment in which everyone can coexist.

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During a recent interview, Sara discussed her future husband. Her mom, Amrita Singh, is one of the prerequisites for her marriage. Sara is so accustomed to her mom’s company that she desires her future spouse might live with her. She will marry someone who will be able to live with her mother. On the professional front, she is presently filming for her forthcoming project alongside Vicky Kaushal in Indore. 


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