Ranvir Shorey Shares Why He Picks Up Only One Project At A Time; Reason Will Leave You Thinking

Ranvir Shorey, who’s been in Bollywood for quite sometime now reveals how he picked up some work purely for money, By and large, this has been the criteria for him always


September 20, 2021


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Ranvir Shorey has a career span of over two decades and has seen the industry grow right infront of him. From shooting techniques, to new carefully woven storylines, this master of all has always gained a new streak under his belt. He’s also picked up every project ensuring his artist side is challenged and is used in a much better. Some projects were even signed purely based off money.

To a leading daily he revealed that he must’ve not done too many over-the-top commercial projects. The few (films) he’s done also, you will find there was some kind of alternative streak in them. They were not run-of-the-mill stuff. Like, Ek Tha Tiger, directed by Kabir Khan, had some kind of that streak, and even Chandni Chowk to China. He tries to keep things more alternative than mainstream.

For the 49-year-old, his criteria for picking a project has remained the same after all these years. The script, his role in it, and the director, in that order is what that matter to him.

However, he’s not always stuck to this. There have been occasions where he had to take up work purely for the money, or did the job purely out of the relationship he had with that person or (for the) friendship. There have been a few (such films). By and large, this has been the criteria for him always. He also clarifies how he’s very uncomplicated, not just professionally, but even in his personal life as well. He never do two projects at the same time. But he doesn’t believe in that whole thing of actors saying it takes two-three months to get into a character, then months to get out of it. That doesn’t work with him!

Ranvir was last seen in Lootcase as Inspector Kolte and he did entertain his viewers completely. His next announcement is awaited eagerly.

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