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Raktha Sambandham: Has Durgamma really changed or is she playing a new trick?

Sneha Bale

September 9, 2020

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Durgamma has never liked Tulasi and this caused multiple issues in their family. But things have changed drastically now. Could it be an act? Cast your vote.

We’ve always heard that change is the only constant. But isn’t change supposed to be organic? Because Durgamma (Jyothi) from Raktha Sambandham has been telling us otherwise. Many years of hatred for Tulasi (Meghana Lokesh) was taken over with kindness and smiles one morning. Durgamma’s harsh words and obnoxiousness towards other family members have also taken a back seat. Not only has Durgamma stopped commenting unnecessarily, but she is also making an effort to help others.

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Recently, she cooked the prasadam for Tulasi’s pooja and now, she is planning a special pooja for the prosperity of Aditya (Siddu) and Tulasi’s married life. Let’s not forget, she scolded Venkat Lakshmi (Vasudha) when she tried to do something stupid, too. All these sudden and extreme changes have put us in a confusing spot. What do you think about this? Share your vote and let us know.

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