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Priyanka Chopra Opens Up About A Life-changing Lesson Given By Thalapathy Vijay – Here’s What He Said


January 15, 2022

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Priyanka Chopra is one of the finest actresses in Bollywood. She recently opened up about her debut film actor Thalapathy Vijay and how one of his lessons changed her life

Priyanka Chopra is one of the super iconic multi-talented actresses who has not only worked in the Indian film industry but also in Hollywood. Priyanka, as mentioned earlier, is not only an amazing actress but also a singer, writer, and film producer as well.

She made her debut in 2002 with a Tamil film – Thamizhan, in which her co-star was Thalapathy Vijay. In an interview, recently she revealed that her co-star during the shoot taught her a valuable lesson that she shared in the interview.

The actress shared one of Vijay’s lessons, which she still follows and values at the same time. She remembered Tamizhan being extremely difficult for her because she could not speak Tamil, she was learning it by practice, memorizing it, interpreting the meaning, and then reciting her lines. But she liked seeing Vijay, her co-star because he was one of her initial few influences. Onset, he was quite humble, she added. He never left the set once he had entered there. And it’s something she still does. In between shootings, she rarely returns to her van unless it’s for an extended period. She prefers hanging out on set instead of resting in the vanity. She asks out because she wants to understand why they are taking different shots, she likes to speak to the crew, and she also told how she likes to be in the mix.

With Thalapathy Vijay’s Thamizhan, the actress not only made her acting debut but also her singing debut. The film’s ‘Ullathai Killathe’ song was performed by her and Thalpathy Vijay. After witnessing Priyanka Chopra singing a song, Vijay supposedly suggested that she should sing a song for the film.

In an interview, recently, Priyanka Chopra talked about how she got into acting and her first co-star Thalapathy Vijay. She mentioned that the first few films she worked on were Tamizhan, a Tamil film, and then following with it, Andaaz and The Hero, both Hindi films. They were expected to be huge films. And she remembered showing up on set, unaware of what she was doing, and believing that acting was all about the clothing they wore and the makeup they applied. Then she walked onto a set and had to figure out how to turn these words on a page into a person, which was horrifying, she further explained.

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Priyanka has worked in different roles be it as a protagonist, villain, mom, daughter, love, and many more, perhaps every role was the most wonderfully played one. She tied a knot with Nick Jonas in 2018 in a grand wedding in which only her close to people were invited. She recently posed for a magazine cover page and looks truly a hot mess.

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