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Prema Entha Madhuram 02 December 2021 Upcoming Story: Rajanandini Cautions Anu


December 1, 2021

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Rajanandini comes face-to-face with Anu and warns her about someone plotting to kill her. Watch the premiere episodes of Prema Entha Madhuram serial on ZEE5 before TV!

In the next episode, while sleeping, Anu sees a strange nightmare and wakes up startled. She gets drawn into Rajanandini’s room, where Rajanandini comes face-to-face with her. Anu gets stunned on seeing her and she reassures Snu that she is indeed Rajanandini. Rajanandini tells her that she is Anu and Anu is her. She possesses Anu’s body and leaves her at will to demonstrate it. Furthermore, Anu gets shocked as Rajanandini reveals that she was killed, and the perpetrators are also trying to kill Anu.

In the previous episodes, we saw how Arya’s family members went shopping and enjoyed their time there. While leaving the mall, Anu got stopped by security and was questioned by the manager when he found a necklace inside her bag. Jende suspected Raghupati of framing Anu, while Sharada Devi questioned Mansi, leaving her offended. After checking the CCTV footage, a woman in burkha was seen putting the necklace in Anu’s bag. Arya and Jende lashed out at the manager. An offended Mansi returned home in anger and threatened to leave the house. Sharada Devi apologised to her in an effort to make her stay. As Mansi remained adamant, Sharada Devi considered begging her for forgiveness. Just then, Arya returned home and turned furious on seeing Sharada Devi. Anu and Sharada Devi had an emotional conversation. Arya gave a warning to Mansi, who then apologised to Sharada Devi. Mansi then ordered Meera to find out who tried to frame Anu at the shopping mall.

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