New Study Says Coronavirus Likely To End In India By Feb 2021

The study by Indian scientists is based on a mathematical model and is subject to all protocols followed including hand wash and mask wearing

Raghav N

October 19, 2020

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In what could be some great news for the coming year, a panel of Indian scientists have said that Coronavirus may end in India by February 2021. The researchers, appointed by the Ministry of Science and Technology made their suppositions based on a mathematic model. Though hypothetical in nature, the study shows that India has already been through its worst peak of COVID19 and is unlikely to go above the 1.06 crore cases mark.

This however does not indicate any leniency for the people to follow the pandemic guidelines as the country slowly opens its services and regains its economic status. The committee also added that these findings were subject to following proper rules including hand wash, frequent sanitisation, face covering and tracing and quarantine of suspected cases.

Prior to this, a study by the Massachusetts University had also stated that the pandemic would mostly vanish by November 2020. However, with no signs of it disappearing, many western countries are back to imposing stricter lockdown rules as it gets colder in that part of the world.

With winter approaching in many states, the health ministry in India has issued guidelines to hospitals. The medical establishments have been asked to not confuse COVID cases with other issues like malaria, chikungunya and dengue, that are also likely to spike now.

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