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Nayanthara and fiancé Vignesh Shivan never cease to give couple dressing goals


September 13, 2021

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Nayanthara and Vignesh Shivan have been setting relationship goals all through their wardrobe goals among fans, and their lovely images never shy away from impressing

Nayanthara has been in the spotlight recently due to her romantic engagement with filmmaker Vignesh Shivan. Most of the time, Vignesh and Nayanthara seem to match their clothing. They give us the perfect couple-wardrobe goals by wearing the same colour throughout and wearing matching tees. Vignesh Shivan and Nayanthara have been setting relationship goals among fans, and their lovely images always get a lot of attention. They are frequently spotted romancing and flashing PDAs, which has made a lot of people green with envy.

While scrolling her Instagram account you can easily find out couple-wardrobe goals, in this post, they both can be seen in black attire which is making them so adorable and giving cute look, the way Nyanthara seeing her partner’s eyes, embracing themselves in a perfect glance in this imperfect world yah?

Nayanthara and Vignesh, both give us a notion to adopt traditional outfits. In this picture, Vignesh can be seen in a long white shirt with a loincloth this traditional attire making him so handsome undoubtedly, Nayanthara completing a whole scenario from yellow Banarsi Saree.

Ah! Again same cloth comes out from their wardrobe. Ever you thought about picking out the same colour dress with your partner? If yes then you should definitely try out a white shirt, it may give you coldness and by posting pictures on social media you can get a chance to turn the audience into the blue. 

Oh my gosh! What a lovely greyish-blue combination it seems so comfortable to carry out. In this picture, Nayanthara and Vignesh, striking pretty and simple and I guess, looking millennial couple goal too. They both never fail to give a stunning pose also, Nyanthara’s minimal makeup gives her the perfect natural beauty. So, make a list with your partner while matching the clothes and keep alive your relation by making such kinds of fantasy. 


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