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Navjot Singh Sidhu Quits Punjab Politics; Memes On Archana Puran Singh Take Over The Internet


September 29, 2021

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Navjot Singh Sidhu quit politics in the blink of an eye; Memes about Archana Puran Singh take iver the internet and these will make you cry tears of joy

The quitting of Navjot Singh Sidhu from the position of Punjab Congress’ Chief came as a shock to everyone but the netizens decided to start a meme parade and have a feast on the internet with the most hilarious takes on the decision.

It’s said that Navjot is responsible for creating a tense situation for Indian National Congress in Punjab. After making Amrinder Singh quit his post of Chief Minister, Sidhu earned fame in the news world. But this unpredictability has once again made him a part of memes.

The news has been floating around that after quitting this position, Navjot would want to take back his celebrity guest post in The Kapil Sharma Show where currently Archana Puran Singh is been seen. Making fun of this, Twitter is loaded with hilarious takes, and here are the ones we picked for you

This meme shared shows Archana’s take on the resignation saying that should she leave the job now?

Another user shared that everyone’s happy with this except Archana as her job is in danger.

This tweet shares how audience wants to see the avatar of Mrs. Breganza after Archana quitting the show

This meme shows how a woman isn’t ready to give the seat pointing towards Archana Puran Singh

This resignation seems like a blessing to some people and some look at Navjot as a failure and some look at it as a publicity stunt and some look at it as a way that his absence is a pain in disguise.

Mr Sidhu, who was appointed as the President of the Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee (PPCC) on July 23, resigned just before former Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh’s visit to the national capital.

Mr Sidhu, in his letter to interim Congress chief Sonia Gandhi, stated, “The collapse of a man’s character stems from the compromise corner, I can never compromise on Punjab”s future and the agenda for the welfare of Punjab. Therefore, I hereby resign as the President of the Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee. Will continue to serve the Congress.”

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