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Meet 29 November 2022 Written Update: Meet shows the family the evidence against Neelam


December 1, 2022

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Meet Ahlawat saves Meet’s life. Meet tells everyone that Neelam has no mental disorder and backs it with proof. Balbir tells Meet about Nirmal and Meet sets a trap to catch him.

In the previous episode of Meet, Meet, along with Ishani, sets a trap for Neelam. Laila tries to set Meet ablaze and makes a revelation. Ishani comes to save Meet, but Laila stops her. However, Meet Ahlawat comes to save Meet.

In the latest episode of Meet, Meet Ahlawat feels dizzy while Meet Hooda tries to push the dustbin. However, the dustbin falls along with the gasoline that is kept on it. The fire spreads, and Meet comes out of the dustbin and encourages Meet Ahlawat to get up, saying she has full faith in him. Meet Ahlawat stands up with great difficulty and walks towards the water tap, and joins the water pipe with it. He forces his injured arm to hold the water pipe, spray the water on the fire, and extinguish it. Meet runs towards Meet Ahlawat and hugs him tightly while he is holding his hand relaxed as he finally manages to save her. Neelam gets delighted, expecting the news of Meet Hooda’s death. At the same time, Meet shows the whole family the recording of Neelam in which she exclaims that she and Laila are a side of the same coin. The video shows Neelam slamming the baseball bat on Ishani’s head. The whole family gets shocked, and Babita aggressively tries to call the police but Meet stops her. She says that only Neelam knows about the poison given to Meet Ahlawat. On the other hand, Neelam is walking inside the room angrily to check on Meet.
Neelam gets shocked when she sees Meet alive while Babita exclaims that she will get Meet Ahlawat treated by the best doctors. Meet sees Neelam eavesdropping on their conversation and changes the topic signalling to everyone that Neelam is listening. Later, Meet gives Meet Ahlawat a sponge bath, he gets dizzy. She holds his body worriedly and Meets Ahlawat blinks fervently in an attempt to clear his sight. Meet assures him that she is going to be there for him forever. She lays him down and puts the slices of cucumber on his eyes. At the same time, Meet gets a call from Balbir and asks him about the whereabouts of the sketch man. Balbir tells her that the sketched man’s name is Nirmal and he will arrive at Hanuman temple today before sunset. She cuts the call and goes to the temple to retrieve the Sanjiveeni herb (cure for every poison) for Meet Ahlawat. Meet disguises herself as an idol seller and tries to find Nirmal through the sketch she had. Later, Nirmal steps out from an auto rickshaw and wraps a shawl on his body and face. He walks towards the temple while Meet Hooda looks at him suspiciously because he is wearing a shawl in extreme heat. She successfully entices Nirmal into her trap and asks him to look in the oil pan.

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