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Meet 23 February 2023 Written Update: Meet foils Manmeet’s plan


March 3, 2023

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Meet foils Manmeet’s plan. In the morning, Meet’s gestures shock everyone. Manmeet puts a sword to Meet’s neck after finding her name tattooed on his hand. He later burns that part of his hand.

In the previous episode of Meet, Manmeet prepares to celebrate the first night with Meet. He asks Meet to agree to it or leave the house, and Meet calls Shagun. Manmeet tries to get close to Meet, who ties his hands down.

In the latest episode of Meet, Meet ties Manmeet’s hand with jewellery and then mocks his pathetic condition. Manmeet keeps on shouting at Meet to open his hands while Meet dances to a song, making everyone think that they are celebrating their first night. Afterwards, she ties Manmeet’s legs with the same night dress that he wanted Meet to wear. She also drinks two glasses of Kesar milk. Outside the room, Gunwanti, Sapna, and Imarti eavesdrop to hear what is going on inside, but Sapna does not like it and leaves from there. Meanwhile, wrestler Manmeet uses his power and starts shaking the bed to free himself while Meet burns the incense stick to divert Manmeet’s mind. Manmeet starts coughing and slowly falls unconscious. On the other hand, Sapna’s husband offers a tablet to her to avoid vomiting, whereas Imarti sees them. Imarti says that if Sapna gives birth to a baby boy, then no one will value her and kick her out of the house. Inside the room, Meet checks Manmeet, who is unconscious, and says that now she will give him the first-night gift and goes to get something. The next morning, Yasodha asks Gunwanti to give her a cup of tea while all the ladies await to see Meet’s sad face after the first night. Imarti thinks of telling everyone Sapna’s truth but stays quiet as she worries that her position will be in danger if it turns out to be a boy. Later, Shagun brings sweets to celebrate Meet’s defeat, and all the family members stand to see her reaction. Meet understands the evil motive of the family and plays along with them. Yasodha, Gunwanti, Shagun, and the family follow her to the kitchen, and Shagun says that she thought Meet’s night would be troublesome and they would find her crying, but it is the opposite. Meanwhile, all the family members gather in the room, and Imarti comments that by looking at the condition of the room, it looks like Meet overpowered Manmeet last night. However, Yasodha tries to divert the topic and offers the tea to Manmeet. The cup drops from Jasodha’s hand when Manmeet forwards his hand, which has written Meet’s name on it. Manmeet tries to rub off the name when Meet comes there and tells them that it happened last night when Manmeet was coming close to her. In the flashback, Meet ingrained the name on Manmeet’s hand. An enraged Manmeet goes towards Meet and later brings a sword to scare Meet. Later, Meet says she has nothing to lose, so she is not scared of anything. Manmeet goes to the kitchen to heat the sword while Yasodha supports him as she thinks that he is going to hurt Meet with it. However, Manmeet puts the hot sword on his hand to remove Meet’s name, which surprises everyone. Sarkar comes and throws the sword away and makes Manmeet understand to punish the target not himself. Following his father’s advice, Manmeet kicks Meet’s tea and shows her that her name is removed from his hand and he is a man now. Meet says that she wanted to change their thinking, but Sarkar angrily orders Yasodha to kick Meet out of the house by holding her hair.

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