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Meet 15 February 2023 Written Update: Meet gets Manmeet’s name Tattooed on her hand


February 17, 2023

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Manmeet asks Meet to get his name tattooed on her hand or leave the house. Meet doesn’t tell Rajvardhan and Babita anything on the call. Later, Meet gets Manmeet’s name tattooed on her hand.

In the previous episode of Meet, Meet pulls off a pretense to stay in the house. Meghna tells her about the two parts of the house. Sarkar stops Manmeet from killing Meet. Later, Manmeet asks Meet to get his name tattooed on her arm.

In the latest episode of Meet, Manmeet tells Meet that in the Sarkar family, the brides have to get their husbands’ names tattooed on their hands. Yasodha warns Manmeet that if Meet gets his name tattooed, then she will be considered his wife. However, Manmeet assures her that Meet will never get his name tattooed. Later, he tells his aunt to let him make the sandalwood and turmeric paste for his bride. Manmeet prepares a turmeric and sandalwood paste for Meet and begins to sing a song for her. Manmeet vows to humiliate her to an extent that she will leave this house of her own volition. Meet runs away from there and thinks that she cannot have Manmeet’s name on her hand. Later, Manmeet comes to her and tells Meet that she only has two options; either get his name tattooed or leave the village forever. Meet thinks of the situation, saying that she cannot go from here as she has raised the hopes of many women. She thinks of Meet Ahalwat and needs his guidance to get out of this pickle. Meanwhile, Babita and Rajvardhan get worried about Meet.
After a while, Meet gets a call from Babita and Rajvardhan, who asks her if she is alright. Meet asks them not to worry as she is strong enough to deal with the Sarkar family. Later, Anuja tells Meghna that Meet is defeated while Meghana tells her that she has complete faith in Meet. After a while, Sarkar and Mahendra come inside while Manmeet tells him that he is going to play his last card and have Meet go through the tattooing ritual. Manmeet sends Gunwanti to bring Meet out and let her accept her defeat. Meghna tells Anuja that she hopes Meet does not participate in this ritual, while Anuja tells her that Meet has no choice if she wants to live in this house. Just then, Gunwanti informs them that Meet is not in her room and must have run away. Everyone begins to laugh but soon, Meet returns to the stage and tells Manmeet that she is ready to get Manmeet’s name on her hands. Manmeet thinks that Meet will not get his name tattooed and is only bluffing. Manmeet announces to everyone that after this ritual, Meet will have no identity of her own she will completely belong to him. As Meet sits to have his name tattooed, a woman comes and slaps Meet for giving in to the demands of the Sarkars. Another woman supports Meet and asks her not to get Manmeet’s name tattooed. Meanwhile, Meghna feels disappointed at Meet’s actions. Meet quietly goes back and sits there, leaving Manmeet puzzled. As those women turn to look at Meet, she winks at them, which neither Yasodha nor Manmeet sees.

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