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Meet 15 December 2022 Upcoming Story: Meet is shocked to see Ishani and Masoom’s dance


December 17, 2022

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Barfi Devi makes a deal with Meet Ahlawat and Meet. Ishani and Masoom dance in exchange for money, and Meet is surprised to see this. To know what happens next, watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 before TV!

In the next episode, At night, the party starts to celebrate the new owner of the house, in which Meet Hooda and Meet Ahlawat appear as the main stars. Barfi Devi stops signing the papers at the end moment and tells Meet about the special performance arranged for her. A lady brings Masoom and Ishani to the house blindfolded and orders them to dance at the function inside. Masoom and Ishani get shocked to see themselves standing in front of the Ahlawat household. Later, Meet sees Ishani and Masoom performing a dance and gets shocked.

In the previous episode of Meet, Barfi Devi insults Rajvardhan and Babita to get out of there as the Queen of Paristan has arrived. Meet speaks a foreign language and Meet Ahlawat translates it, saying that the Queen is upset with Barfi Devi’s welcome or else she would have given her Riyad and Gold. Getting greedy for money, Barfi Devi bows down to the Queen’s feet and asks her to not go. Later, the Queen asks Barfi Devi to show her the house while Babita on the other hand is mopping the house. Later, Rajvardhan mops the floor while Babita gets teary-eyed. In the hall, Barfi Devi says that she will start showing the house with the temple, but Meet takes the lead and starts going to the temple on her own, which makes Barfi Devi question her. On the other hand, Masoom and Ishani are searching for a job when a lady with an evil intention senses their helplessness and offers a job. The stranger lady even offers a stack of cash which Masoom and Ishani take unwillingly. In the Ahlawat House, the Queen pretends to go by saying that she is cancelling the deal, but Barfi Devi stops her feeling that a handsome amount is going from her hand. Meanwhile, Babita and Rajvardhan clean the house downstairs when Meet and Meet Ahlawat are upstairs and when they come downstairs another servant removes Rajvardhan and Babita from there before Meet could see them working. Meet Ahlawat says that the Queen liked the house and soon Barfi Devi will be showered with loads of Gold and crockery breaks from Babita’s hands in the kitchen. Barfi Devi goes to see it and starts misbehaving with Babita, while Meet Ahlawat says that they never treated their servants that badly. Later at night, Meet and Meet Ahlawat wonders if Barfi Devi doubts them and whether she will call them or not. Meanwhile, Rajvardhan decides to tell the truth to their kids. Just then, Barfi Devi calls Meet Ahlawat and he tells Meet that they have trapped Barfi Devi in their plan when Rajvardhan and Babita arrive there. The next day, Queen and Shaikh keep a bag full of notes in front of Barfi Devi and she asks her servants to bring sweets. Rajvardhan and Babita come and Babita accidentally trips on the carpet and the water spills on Queen’s dress. At the same time, Meet and Meet Ahlawat recognise their parents and gets hurt.

What will happen next?

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