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Meet 14 December 2022 Upcoming Story: Meet Ahlawat stops Barfi Devi from slapping Babita


December 17, 2022

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Meet and Meet Ahlawat recognise Babita and Rajvardhan, working as servants at the Ahlawat mansion. Barfi Devi tries to slap Babita but Meet Ahlawat stops her. To know what happens next, watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 before TV!

In the next episode, the Queen and Shaikh keep a bag full of notes in front of Barfi Devi and she asks her servants to bring sweets. Rajvardhan and Babita come and Babita accidentally trips on the carpet and the water spills on Queen’s dress. At the same time, Meet and Meet Ahlawat recognise their parents and gets hurt. Meet Ahlawat stops Brfi Devi from slapping Babita.

In the previous episode of Meet, Meet pushes the lady away, who arrives to blacken her face. Then, Meet asks Rajvardhan to take Babita away while she talks with the lady. Once the couple leaves, Meet asks the lady who she is since she is not from the area. On the other hand, Ishani talks to someone on the call for a job at the pizza shop. Meanwhile, Masoom overhears her and asks her about it. Ishani tells her that she wants to help her family by doing a job. This leaves Masoom teary-eyed and she realises how selfish she has been. Ishani tells Masoom that it is not too late, and she also agrees to do the job. Meet Ahlawat gets enraged while saying he cannot see his parents getting humiliated in front of the whole society. Meet calms him and shares a plan with him. Later, Meet and Meet Ahlawat hide near a tea stall when they see the registrar coming there and call someone. As the registrar is having tea, a man loudly talks on the phone about finding a palace for his rich client. The registrar gets excited as he talks to the man and after deciding his commission, calls Barfi Devi saying that he has a client for the Ahlawat mansion. Back at the Ahlawat mansion, Barfi Devi tells Rajvardhan and Babita that their footsteps are very lucky since she just got a call that the Queen of Paristan wants the house. While Rajvardhan and Babita leave, Barfi Devi stops them by saying that they have to pay a price to her for not going to the police station and shows them the video of Meet Ahlawat beating up the registrar. Rajvardhan holds Babita’s hand and tries to drag her away while Babita tells Barfi Devi that she accepts being a servant for her family. On the other hand, Meet and Meet Ahlawat apologise to the picture of Rajvardhan and Babita for the plan they are going to execute by saying that they are doing it for the family. Later, Babita takes a promise from Rajvardhan. The next day, Barfi Devi degrades Rajvardhan and Babita for wearing fine clothes while giving them ugly and dirty clothes to wear. At the same time, Meet comes to the Ahlawat mansion in the disguise of the Queen of Paristan. Meet Ahlawat arrives as her manager.

What will happen next?

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