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Meet 04 January 2022 Written Update: Meet Ahlawat shoots Meet


January 7, 2023

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The leader of the terrorists asks people to shoot Meet, but no one agrees. Meet Ahlawat steps forward and says that he will kill Meet. He later shoots Meet in front of everyone.

In the previous episode of Meet, Ragini adds sedatives to the laddoos. Meet Ahlawat overcomes the difficulties on his way. Meet daydreams about Meet Ahlawat. Later, the terrorists learn about Meet’s plan before having the laddoos.

In the latest episode of Meet, Meet taunts the Chief, telling him that even the children in her society have more guts than him. The chief gets angry and tells her to lower her eyes but she refuses, which angers him even more. Further, he tells the hostages that the person to kill Meet will get to leave the place unharmed. However, no one speaks up while Chanda and Ragini request the hostages to not get lured in by Chief’s fake lies. The terrorists try to force the hostages to take the gun from their hands but no one does after which Chief drags Ragini forward. He tells No.2 to record a video of Meet’s death as an example of what can happen if they disobey. Chief forces the gun into Ragini’s hand and tells her to kill Meet Hooda. However, Ragini refuses and tells the Chief that he can kill her instead. Meanwhile, the reporters get the video of the gun being pointed at Meet showing it in the telecast while the police officers also get worried. On the other hand, Meet arrives in front of the terrorists in a warden uniform and tells them that he will shoot the girl. The girl terrorist drags him into the circle as the Chief demands No.2 to check him. No.2 finds vermillion in his pocket and makes a joke of him while Meet Ahlawat argues that he came out of hiding as he heard that the person to kill Meet will be freed. He says that he loves his wife while he takes the gun and points it toward Meet. Meet Ahlawat goes near Meet and whispers something in her ears. The Chief gets enraged and tells him to shoot Meet. Further, he sees fear in Meet Ahlawat’s eyes and laughs while he suddenly points the gun upwards and shoots. The light goes off while Meet Ahlawat acts scared and gets on the ground. However, the terrorists turn the light back on as the Chief says that the ward boy is a coward. Meet Ahlawat asks for a second chance while the Chief hands him a gun and points another at his head, telling him that he will be killed if he does not shoot Meet. Further, the hostages get shocked when Meet Ahlawat shoots Meet Hooda. No.3 tells the Chief that Meet is dead. Afterwards, the Chief tells Meet Ahlawat to take away Meet’s body, and he obediently obliges. Further, halfway down the hall, Meet wakes up and tells Meet Ahlawat that his plan worked perfectly while he praises her for holding her breath after destroying the blood bag that was hidden under her clothes. He takes her body inside a living room and locks it, after which they both hug feeling relieved.

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