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Kundali Bhagya 05 April 2023 Written Update: Shaurya tries to distract Rajveer from lodging the police complaint

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April 15, 2023

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Shaurya and his friends try to distract Rajveer from loding the police complaint against them. To know what happens next on Kundali Bhagya, watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 before TV!

In the previous episode of Kundali Bhagya, Rajveer brings the police to a club to get Shaurya arrested. However, Shaurya lashes out at all of them and attacks Rajveer. In the heat of the moment, Rajveer retaliates with a liquor bottle. Srishti senses that Rajveer or Preeta is in trouble. She calls Preeta, who wakes out of sleep and assures Srishti that everything is fine. Rajveer tells Shaurya that he would have never been this way if his elder brother would have punished him. At the Luthra Mansion, Nidhi pretends to be worried about Shaurya and says that everyone would blame her for Shaurya’s issues. She reveals about Shaurya’s conversation with Rajveer that she had overheard. Nidhi calls on Shaurya’s phone and learns that he and his friends are arrested. Rakhi, Kareena and Nidhi try hard to inform Karan about this. Preeta calls Rajveer and gets worried to learn that he is at the police station.


In the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya, after Srishti calls Preeta to know if she and Rajveer are fine, she goes to fetch a glass of water. Preeta is shocked to realise that Rajveer is not at home. She calls Rajveer and learns that he is at the police station. Rajveer explains that he has gotten the man arrested who had caused their bus to meet with an accident. Preeta asks him to avoid all this and return home. He reasons with her by explaining that so many lives were at stake because of him.

Preeta supports Rajveer’s decision and gets to know about the police station he is at. She then calls Palki and asks for a method to find a rickshaw. Palki learns about Rajveer being at the police station. She talks to Mahi about it, but Mahi is fast asleep. Palki goes out to meet and they leave for the police station together. At the Luthra Mansion, Karan lashes out at Nidhi for being unaware about the club where Shaurya was arrested from. Rakhi asks Karan to control himself but Nidhi rudely asks her not to meddle. Nidhi tells Karan that Shaurya is like an innocent kid who always becomes a scapegoat of Karan’s prestige.

Shaurya is allowed to make one phone call to Nidhi. Dadi falls ill but Rakhi asks Nidhi and Karan to go to the police station first and looks after Dadi. The police inspector puts Shaurya and his friends behind the bars. Rajveer goes there to confront him, but Shaurya mocks him taking his friend Sanju’s help. The police inspector lashes out at Shaurya and asks Rajveer to fill up a form. Karan and Nidhi return home with Dr Avinash to help Dadi. Rakhi calls Karan an irresponsible father but his reply angers Nidhi, who envies Preeta. Rajveer does not answer Preeta’s call but answers Palki’s call. Preeta is shocked to hear Rajveer saying that he does not her to be involved in the police case. Shaurya and his friend Sanju keep provoking Rajveer to distract him from loding the complaint against them.

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