Kundali Bhagya 03 December 2020 Written Update: Mahira poisons the sweet dish prepared for Preeta

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December 2, 2020


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In the previous episode of Kundali Bhagya, Mahira challenges Preeta that Karan will help her break the ‘Karva Chauth‘ fast. Preeta remains calm and tells her that she has faith in Karan and her relationship. Prithvi arrives in Sherlyn’s room and gets upset after learning that she is not fasting for him. Suddenly, Rishabh arrives in the room and Prithvi hides in a wardrobe. Prithvi feels perplexed on learning that Rishabh is aware of her pregnancy. Girish tells Karan that his mother has prayed that the girl he feeds water tonight shall become his life partner for seven lives ahead. Karan and Preeta begin to perform the ‘Karva Chauth’ rituals and Mahira pretends to fall unconscious. Karan takes her into his arms and helps her rest. Rakhi tells Karan to let Mahira rest and get back to performing the rituals with Preeta. Sherlyn stays with Mahira and keeps telling her to wake up. However, Mahira does not break her pretence assuming that Karan will fall for it. Girish comes with water and feeds it to Mahira. Rakhi, Kareena and Sherlyn feel stunned to see Girish unknowingly breaking Mahira’s fast. Karan and Preeta perform the rituals and Rakhi gives them blessings.

Watch what will happen next on Kundali Bhagya:

In the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya, Mahira loses her temper at Sherlyn for the mishap that occurred with her. She blames Sherlyn for the incident wherein Girish fed her water. Sherlyn tries to defend herself but it riles her up. Mahira feels that Preeta has gotten another chance to put her down. In a fit of anger, Mahira decides to put an end to Preeta’s life. Sherlyn remains speechless after failing to pacify her. Meanwhile, Rakhi visits a coma stricken Mahesh to break her fast on ‘Karva Chauth’ with him. After drinking water by his hand, Rakhi asks Mahesh for her gift. She keeps telling him to get up and soon begins to recall their previous ‘Karva Chauth’. Reminiscing the moment spent with him leaves Rakhi emotional. With teary eyes, Rakhi insists Mahesh to wake up and gift her his presence. Preeta arrives in the room and talks to Rakhi about it. She does a routine checkup of Mahesh and tells Rakhi that he is with her in every way.

Preeta confirms that Mahesh is happy with Rakhi and he wants her to break her fast. Rakhi breaks her fast and Preeta witnesses this sweet moment. Mahira comes rushing outside the room and overhears Preeta and Rakhi’s conversation. Sherlyn tries to stop her but Dadi arrives there and takes her along to give her a holy thread. Rakhi thanks Preeta for behaving responsibly and performing all the rituals of ‘Karva Chauth’. Preeta feels emotional when Rakhi gives her a hug. A furious Mahira hears Rakhi talking about a sweet dish for Preeta. At Sarla’s house, Sarla, Srishti and Janki feel at peace to know that Rakhi has prepared a sweet dish for Preeta. Sarla tells Srishti about the significance of ‘Karva Chauth’ and hopes that Karan and Preeta’s relationship will get better. Girish gets head over heels in love on seeing Mahira enter the kitchen. He keeps staring at her with a smiling face, while Mahira gets irritated. She gives Girish a task to make him leave the kitchen. After he leaves, Mahira adds poison to the sweet dish for Preeta and prepares to see Preeta die after eating it.

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