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Khasma Nu Khani 24 January 2022 Upcoming Story: Desho plans to leave Armaan’s house


January 21, 2022

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Ranveer Duggal sees through Desho’s honest efforts to help him get back on his feet and disregards her. Desho plans to move out of Armaan’s house all of a sudden. Will she move in with the Duggals again?

In the next episode, Desho meets Ranveer Duggal and promises to distance herself from Ranveer Duggal if he sweares to take care of himself. Ranveer Duggal rudely tells Desho off and refuses to accept help from her. Well along, Desho packs her bags and demands Purab pack his bags as well. A clueless Armaan bears his mother’s blame for Desho’s sudden decision of moving out.

In the last episode of Khasma Nu Khani, Desho has a close brush with Ranveer Duggal as he has an unannounced visit to the doctor’s clinic. However, the doctor salvages the situation by meeting Ranveer Duggal outside his clinic. Ranveer Duggal requests that the doctor keep Desho out of his treatment schedule after telling him that he wishes to continue with the treatment. Maya speaks to the mysterious man over a call and gives him an update about Ranveer Duggal’s sadness. Elsewhere, Armaan wakes up to a nightmare and worries about Simple ruining his plan to win Desho back. In the interim, Ranveer Duggal resolves to get back on his feet as Desho misses him tearfully. The next day, Ranveer Duggal summons Desho and Armaan to his office and announces his decision to resume his treatment while making a harsh comment about Desho in an attempt to hurt her.

Desho walks out of Ranveer Duggal’s cabin and Armaan follows her in an effort to pacify her. Desho cries in her cabin but demands that Armaan keep out of her personal life. A frustrated Armaan walks into Ranveer Duggal’s cabin and criticises him for mistreating Desho and hurting her without a thought. Ranveer Duggal assumes that Armaan truly empathises with Desho and admits that he was trying to test him. Ranveer Duggal promises to keep out of Armaan’s attempt to win Desho back and deems him to be deserving of Desho. Maya calls Desho and learns about Ranveer Duggal trying to distance Desho from himself desperately. Well along, Armaan prepares a meal for his family and Ranveer Duggal orders an elaborate dinner. He insists that Momo and Maya grow past Desho’s absence, and live a normal life.

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