Khasma Nu Khani 17 September 2021 Upcoming Story: The police corner Simple

The police inspector cross-questions Simple about her recent expenses. Will Simple tell everyone about her deal with Minnie in an effort to come clean?


September 15, 2021

Khasma Nu Khani

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In the next episode, Simple tells the police inspector that she needs to leave the office as her friends are waiting for her. The police inspector cross-questions Simple about her recent expenses and tells her that he suspects her to have conned the Duggal Food Chains for her own monetary gains illegally. He also shares his doubt about Armaan being actively involved with Simple in mugging Desho and Ranveer Duggal.

In the last episode of Khasma Nu Khani, Simple wakes up on an empty bed and gets agitated. She walks up to Minnie and learns that Armaan left for work without meeting her. Soon, Minnie distracts Simple by prompting her to attend the inauguration of a designer jewellery store. Elsewhere, Ranveer Duggal and Desho confront the accountant with details of the financial irregularities in the company account. Desho recalls Simple’s prior request for financial aid and her recent appearance at the board meeting. Meanwhile, Armaan and Devika have an awkward interaction before the former gets hold of a file Devika sent for Ranveer. Later, Desho tells Ranveer Duggal that she suspects Simple to have pilfered money from the company account. He affirms Desho’s assessment and thinks about ways to find evidence against Simple.

Armaan writes a note in the name of Ranveer Duggal and expresses interest in Devika which she happens to read while going through the files. Minnie greets Armaan at home and Simple picks a fight with Armaan about not meeting her. Minnie watches as the couple make amends and walk up to their bedroom in a bid to spend time together. In the interim, Desho blames herself for not finding the financial irregularities early on. She shares her apprehension with Ranveer Duggal and he promises to find a solution. Devika reads the note over and over again assuming Ranveer Duggal wrote it for her. Just then, Desho walks in and questions Devika. The latter lies to her about the note and thanks her for her encouragement. Armaan and Simple plan to sleep after a long discussion but Simple starts chattering in sleep about her affluence. An angry Armaan walks out of his room and runs into Minnie. They have a touching discussion at the doorway and Simple wakes up on an empty bed yet again.

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