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Khasma Nu Khani 14 January 2022 Written Update: Armaan resorts to pretence on Desho’s arrival


January 13, 2022

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Armaan pretends to be a perfect father and husband on Desho’s arrival despite Desho asking him to stop taking charge of his life. Will Desho fall a prey to Armaan’s facade and start trusting him again?

In the previous episode of Khasma Nu Khani, Maya realises that something might have occurred in the house and confronts Ranveer Duggal about the same. Ranveer Duggal urges Maya to stay out of his marital turmoil and asks her to let Desho go for the sake of Desho’s wellbeing. Elsewhere, Purab insists Armaan help him with his homework but the latter gives Purab excuses for not being able to help him but changes his mind as Purab contemplates returning to Desho. In the interim, Momo walks to Desho as the latter spends the night waiting on the front porch. She requests Desho to eat her food but Desho dismisses her tenderly. Ranveer Duggal asks Maya to give Desho a blanket for the night and the latter quietly agrees. Desho stands and cries by the door of their house and Maya finds it hard to digest the change of events. Armaan’s mother arrives at Ranveer Duggal’s house and notices Desho on the porch. She asks Desho to pack her bags and leave with her. Desho goes back inside and announces her decision to Ranveer Duggal.

In the next episode of Khasma Nu Khani, Desho walks up to her room with Armaan’s mother to pack her bags in an attempt to leave the house and Armaan takes an opportunity to caution Ranveer Duggal about the consequences of his decision. On reaching Armaan’s house, Armaan parts with his room to accommodate Desho and the latter refuses to discuss her past as Arrmaan apologises for his past behaviour. Elsewhere, Maya confronts Ranveer Duggal about sending Desho away and congratulates him in a celebratory tone. Ranveer Duggal tells Maya that he wishes for Desho to remarry her ex-husband. Meanwhile, Desho stares away at Ranveer Duggal’s picture and cries bitterly. Armaan slyly walks up to Desho and extends support to her and urges Desho to stay in his house as long as she likes.

In the interim, Maya speaks over the phone with someone and tells him that their collective plan has been delayed because of Desho’s sudden departure. Soon, Momo walks into Maya’s room and expresses her worries about troubles clouding Ranveer Duggal’s marriage. Maya pacifies Momo and reassures her about Desho’s return. Later, Maya visits Armaan’s house and expresses her fear about Ranveer Duggal discontinuing his treatment. However, Desho comes up with a plan to help Ranveer Duggal continue his treatment. At night, Desho cries in front of Ranveer Duggal’s picture and misses him. Meanwhile, Armaan predicts the success of his plan of winning Desho back. The next day, Armaan helps Purab pack his bag and readies him for school in an attempt to impress Desho. What will happen next?

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