Khasma Nu Khani 08 September 2021 Upcoming Story: An unexpected guest shows up

Will Armaan welcome the unexpected guest or turn the guest away?


September 6, 2021

Khasma Nu Khani

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In the next episode, someone rings the doorbell as Armaan and Simple prepare to leave for work. An occupied Simple urges Armaan to open the door but the latter seems reluctant as he picks a dress for his wife. Well along, Armaan walks up to the door negligently but seems to be awestruck on opening the door. Who could the unexpected guest be?

In the last episode of Khasma Nu Khani, Armaan prepares breakfast for Simple in an effort to please her and Minnie repeatedly calls him to gain closure. A flustered Minnie constantly reaches out to Armaan and the latter calls her up in Simple’s absence. He demands Minnie to stay away from him and not bother him anymore as he calls off their love affair. A shocked Minnie demands an explanation but Armaan hangs up on her. In a short while, Minnie forwards a video to Desho and Armaan. A worried Desho calls Armaan and asks him to read through his unread messages. Soon, he finds Minnie’s video in which she is trying to take her own life. Both Simple and Desho reach Minnie’s apartment to talk her out of suicide.

However, Simple accuses Minnie of putting on an act for the sake of Armaan’s attention and soon she grabs the knife from Minnie. She goes on to try to injure her vein and kill her but Desho intervenes. Simple goes on to warn Minnie by calling her desperate and walks away on being asked to leave by Desho. Furthermore, Desho supports Simple’s claims about Armaan and their marriage while requesting Minnie to pull her life together. Minnie accuses Desho of ruining her relationship with Armaan in front of Ranveer Duggal and the latter defends Desho. Well along, Armaan engages Devika in a conversation in a bid to learn about Ranveer Duggal’s whereabouts.

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