Inspired By Hebbuli, Here Are 5 Places In Karnataka That Are Perfect For Weekend Getaways

Parinika Uchil

August 9, 2019


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1. Coorg (Kodagu)

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Coorg is also known as The Scotland Of India. The picturesque landscapes and hilly terrains offer low atmospheric temperatures throughout the year making it perfect for a weekend getaway. Don’t forget to have some Pandi curry (Pork curry) while you are there!

Apart from the basic storyline, S Krishna’s Hebbuli has been shot in some very exquisite locations. For instance, the beginning of the movie is shot in serene beautiful hilly areas that map the whole background.

You can now see the beautiful backdrops again by watching the film here:

2. Kemmanagundi 

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Located in Chikmagalur district is a set of beautiful hilly mountains that would be perfect for the trekker in you. During the season time, be sure to find yourself in between clouds atop the highest point in the mountains. It’s the perfect quick vacation and won’t burn a hole in your pockets. An important place you can trek to is the Z-point located close to Kemmanagundi.

3. Jog Falls 

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The second highest waterfall in India is the Jog falls located in Shivmogga district. For people from the bustling city, who want to take a one or two-day vacation, this would be perfect as Shivmogga offers pocket-friendly accommodation. And of course, it is a mountainous range so you can enjoy nature with the view of a serene yet majestic waterfall.

4. Gokarna 

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Besides hilly areas, if you want water bodies to surround you for the weekend, Gokarna is your go-to place. With numerous beaches, both public and private, you couldn’t have asked for a better place to unwind and relax. What is different about Gokarna is that it isn’t so commercial because the locals make constant efforts to keep the authenticity of their culture intact.

5. Dandeli 

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For a hardcore forest type of vacation, you should visit Dandeli. It boasts a huge wildlife sanctuary and is home to wild animals like black panthers and elephants. You can also opt for water sports like white water rafting here during peak season. This is a place for people who seek adventure and thrill!

There you have it! Thanks to Namma Kiccha Sudeep, we found these extremely budget-friendly places for you to make memories of a lifetime. Not to forget the awesome adventures you will find along the way.

Which is your favourite getaway? Which place did you visit this weekend? Share your interesting thoughts with us in the comments space below.

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