India-China Border: China In Trouble; Surrounded On Four Fronts

Xi Jinping is now trapped in the Chanakya Niti over India-China standoff. Now, India is surrounding China at every possible front.

Jessica David

October 9, 2020

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India is preparing to openly surround China on every front. In this episode, President Xi Jinping is getting entangled badly in India’s Chanakya policy. Today, China is surrounded on all four fronts and is puzzled. One one side there is the Air Force of India and on the other side, China is hurting on an economic front. On the third front, the formula of India’s close proximity to Taiwan and the fourth to tighten China through the United States (US). All this has been done in an attempt to confuse China when it comes to their next action.

After several talks and clashes, the tension on LAC with China continues. Now, India is surrounding China at every possible front. With Xi Jinping now trapped in Chanakya Niti over India-China standoff, tensions have been rising on the border. Despite attempts to de-escalate the friction, including the various agreements that have been made between the countries, China continues to be on the offensive. Just before the Galwan face-off between both the nations, back in May, the Chinese troops had been amassing heavy artillery.

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