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How this Megastar Chiranjeevi, Did Not let the Master down at the time when he needed most help

Shristi Jindal

November 27, 2021

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Choreographers are an important part of any film, and what is sung, is visualised by the hard work of these, Masters. Sivasankar and his ailing family have now started receiving financial help from the likes of Dhanush, Vishnu Manchu, Sonu Sood, Chiranjeevi amongst the growing number.

Social Media is a boon to many especially when someone needs to express and be vocal about any sensitive issue, or any help that is needed, and so was the case with National award winner Sandalwood’s very own choreographer Sivasankar’s younger son, Ajay, who pleaded for financial help when his father’s hospital bills due to his covid complications had reached an amount, which was simply not possible for the family to bear. At the moment, the senior choreographer, along with his elder son and wife are at the AIG Hospital in Gachibowli, and after Dhanush, who set an example of coming forward to help the veteran, the messiah of the masses, Sonu Sood, offered to help financially too, and has taken up the charge to bear the financial brunt and ease the family. Vishnu Manchu too, the president of Movie Artists Association, stepped forward to lend a helping hand too the ailing family. He took to twitter and wrote: “Spoke with #AIG hospital and they assured the best care to Sivashankar Master. They are extending the best possible help and His son Mr. Ajay is also briefed. All we need now is our prayers for Master.
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Now, as the word spread, none other but the superstar Chiranjeevi, called upon Sivasankar’s son Ajay and invited him to his home, where without much fanfare, Chiru handed the latter a cheque of Rs.3 lakhs, which was a sweet gesture from the actor who is known for his rapport in the film industry with his colleagues, both senior and junior, and also assured the young Ajay for constant and complete support not only from him but from the industry at large, which is his home next to none. Everyone knows that the Master and Chiru have worked on a number of projects in the past and churned out hit numbers, which everyone remembers.
Looking at the way, the industry has united in saving the life of a veteran who has given much of his time to an industry where he belongs, we are sure, the senior choreographer, Sivasankar, will be healing soon and be out hale and hearty with the considerable financial and help he and his family are receiving from all his well wishes.

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