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How Arranged Marriage’s Keya & His Storyy’s Sakshi Had Different Takes On Their Husband’s Homosexuality!

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April 28, 2021

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While Sakshi’s ‘acceptance of truth’ is highly inspiring and beautiful, Keya’s way to deal with reality made things worse for her. Here’s an in-depth insight into these two characters dealing with their husband’s homosexuality and accepting #LoveisLove.

Cinema can bring in a much-needed change in society. And more often, the audience loves to experience the realities of the world through the eyes of fictitious characters. While the reel-life dramas can be inspiring, they are also bound to break social stereotypes. And ZEE5 has offered us a plethora of norm-breaking shows that are inspiring as well as entertaining. Saying so, its latest release ‘His Storyy’ is winning hearts with a sensitive take on homophobia.

The episodic saga has garnered rave reviews from the masses as well as critics. His Storyy follows the journey of Sakshi as she deals with her husband Kunal’s homosexuality. Weaving some interesting subplots, the makers have perfectly essayed an enthralling drama with a dose of realism. And that’s one of the reasons why His Storyy has become one of the finest shows of the LGBTQ genre. Also, Sakshi’s character played by actor Priyamani is the show-stealer.

Though it is a fictitious story, Saskhi’s personality will stand out as a right example for real-life people to deal with their loved one’s homosexual nature. While appreciating Sakshi’s character, we also tend to focus on another similar story ‘Arranged Marriage’ on ZEE5.

So, here’s taking a look at how Arranged Marriage’s Keya & His Storyy’s Sakshi had different takes on their husband’s homosexuality.

The Awful One: Keya Wanting To Cure Homosexuality!

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Forbidden Love’s first segment ‘Arranged Marriage’ revolved around the story of Dev (Ali Fazal) and Neel (Omkar Kapoor), a homosexual couple. The duo continues to lead their ‘double lives’ while keeping their relationship a secret. However, problems occur when Neel gets married to Keya (Patralekhaa), Dev’s cousin. While Dev urges Neel to open up to his family about their relationship, Keya suffers the dilemma of her ignorant husband.

After digging up the matter, Keya gets aware of Neel and Dev’s affair. And to find a resolution, she meets a doctor who believes that he can cure homosexuality in humans. And this leads to a chaotic situation where all the characters meet at the doctor’s house. And an unexpected twist in the climax leads to Keya’s death. A metaphorical ending that lives up to the story’s theme.

In here, Keya’s character believed that homosexuality is nothing but a disease. Overlooking its natural aspect, she forces her husband for treatment. Through this, director Pradeep Sarkar gives us an insight into the society where people are still bound with their beliefs and stereotypes over a person’s homosexuality.

The Inspiring One: Sakshi’s Acceptance Of Reality

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On the other hand, we have an inspiring example through the way Sakshi (Priyamani) dealt with her husband Kunal’s (Satyadeep Misra) homosexuality. As Sakshi gets aware of Kunal and Preet’s (Mrinal Dutt) affair, chaos ensues in her married life. In His Storyy, we see different phases of Sakshi’s dilemma as she deals with reality. There’s also a time when Sakshi tries to find a resolution to Kunal’s homosexuality. However, she openly discusses it with her husband and soon she realizes the trauma Kunal has been through all his life.

As the story paces ahead, we see a change in Sakshi as she steps ahead to accept the truth and initiates a new beginning in her life. Also, after getting a divorce, she becomes a sweet cupid for Kunal and Preet and hosts an engagement party for them. By the end of the show, we see a more mature side of Sakshi and that’s what makes her an inspiring character.

Compared to the newly wedded Keya, Sakshi had been in 20 years of marriage with Kunal. And for her, it was a more difficult phase yet she chose the right way to deal with it and accept #LoveisLove.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more interesting content and stories.

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