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Gattimela 1 December 2021 Upcoming Story: Will Vedanth meet Vaidehi


December 1, 2021

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While Vedanth performs his parents’ death anniversary puja on a beach, Vaidehi arrives at the same beach. Will Vaidehi finally meet Vedanth after 25 years?

In the latest episode of Gattimela, Vedanth lies to Vikrant and leaves the house. Meanwhile, Suhasini sends Vikrant, Dhruva, Kanta and Sarthak to a beach. At the beach, Vikrant sees Vedanth performing puja and he, along with Dhruva, head towards Vedanth. Meanwhile, Vaidehi arrives at the place where Vedanth is performing his parents’ death anniversary puja.

In the previous episode, we saw Vedanth and his family enjoy fun games. During the games, Adithi performs a ramp walk and while doing so she trips and falls on Dhruva. Adya and Vikrant notice the chemistry between them and tease them about the same. On Vikrant’s turn, Aarati asks him to mimic Suhasini. While doing mimicry, Vikrant’s words about how Suhasini threatens to kill Dhruva shocks Vedanth and Dhruva tries to cover up for Vikrant when Vedanth tries to question him.

On returning home, Vedanth keeps recalling his parents’ death and wonders how they got trapped in a room and how the fire started which killed his parents. Vedanth enquires with Kanta about the preparations for the death anniversary’s puja. Kanta pretends to be emotional when Vedanth praises him.

We also saw Suhasini come up with a plan to get Vikrant and Dhruva see Vedanth perform the death anniversary puja. Furthermore, Suhasini decides to use Amulya and stop Vedanth from stepping out of the house. Vedanth comes up with a lie to step out of the house, but Amulya remains adamant and refuses to let him do so.

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