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Dia Mirza Opens Up About Her Near-Death Experience While Pregnancy; THIS Is What The Actress Went Through – Find Out


January 11, 2022

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Recently Dia Mirza shared her experiences of 2021 in an interview also highlighting her near to death experience during the 5th month of her pregnancy. Read further for more details

Dia Mirza has been as young forever. She has not only done a lot of movies or shows but she has a lot of fame in the industry. Not only cinemas but she also rocks on online platforms. All the characters she chooses to play are unique and motivating in a way.

Recently she got married to Vaibhav Rekhi last year and gave birth to a baby son with him, named him Avyaan. She lives in Mumbai with her husband, stepdaughter- Samaira, and son Avyaan. She embraced her motherhood last year.

Lately, in an interview, She spoke about the near-death situation. Dia discusses the topic in-depth. as well as how being outspoken about her beliefs and opinions has impacted her business.

Talking about new year’s, she spilled some beans on how she believes that, family time is really valuable & bringing in the new year with her daughter and tiny boy was fantastic.

Revealing about the complications during pregnancy, she told, in the fifth month of her pregnancy, she had an appendectomy. During the sixth month of pregnancy, she was in and out of the hospital due to an acute bacterial infection that may have led to sepsis, her placenta had begun to hemorrhage, so her baby had to be delivered. It had been a painful time, and she was obliged to her doctor for saving their lives. Bringing a child into a world and time of pandemic has a massive effect on all of our decisions is what Dia believes. She hopes that one day we will be mask-free and that our children will be able to live regular lives. Her daughter is studying online, which is proving to be challenging, she pointed. However, while Being at home, she said, the time they have together and do everything they can to make it exciting, joyful, and safe for her children.

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Dia Mirza is not only a gorgeous actress and former model but also a well-known film producer. Recently she had posted enjoying the ‘Bananza’ challenge in matching pajama suits with her stepdaughter Samaira on their balcony, on Instagram, and her fans and loved ones showered love on the same.

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