China Is Making More Enemies Than Friends With Its War Waging Nature

As Chinese leader Xi Jinping asked the army to prepare for war against India, countries like the US are also taking necessary steps to warn China of its expansionist policies

Raghav N

October 15, 2020

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Troubles escalated further between India and China as Chinese President Xi Jinping reportedly asked the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) to prepare for war against India. Following unresolvable tensions between the two nations which started with unrest in the eastern Ladakh region in June, both the sides seem to be ready for a long haul at the Line of Actual Control (LAC).

The Chinese leader reportedly met with marine soldiers and asked them to prepare themselves physically and mentally for any probable face-off with the enemies.

China has not only earned the wrath of India, but also the United States and smaller countries like Taiwan and Hong Kong due to its expansionist policies. United Sates Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recently spoke about the Chinese transgression at the Indo-Chinese border, hinting that the Americans will side with India in the eventuality of a war with China. Pompeo also expressed concerns on the Communist country’s interference in the Tibetan community and its suppression of Tibet’s religious views.

The Chinese government has clashed with US President Donald Trump on several issues including a trade war, the Coronavirus pandemic, US supporting Taiwan and China’s claims in the South China Sea.

While other nations seem to be coming together, China alone is creating troubles for itself by inviting enemies upon itself.

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