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Characters Who Represent 7 Deadly Sins Like Sumeet Vyas Is Pride In Dark 7 White

Vatsal Thakore

February 25, 2021

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Here is a list of seven characters from ZEE5 shows and movies that represent the seven deadly sins.

We have all heard of the seven deadly sins and their stories. The seven sins, Wrath, Greed, Lust, Pride, Envy, Gluttony and Sloth are believed to be the cause of a person’s immoral actions, that ultimately lead to their fall. You might have noticed that these sins are also displayed by characters, mainly antagonists, in the fiction world. With that thought, we listed out some characters from the shows and movies on ZEE5, who displayed at least one of these sins.


Wrath causes a person to perform actions out of rage and anger, which might be unjust but would seem justified to the person. The ZEE5 release, Taish, has characters who display the sin of wrath. The characters, Sunny (Pulkit Samrat) and Pali (Harshvardhan Rane) are deep down in wrath in the film, and out of that rage, go on a violent killing spree against each other. Their actions done out of utter rage, lead to their downfall. Fun fact: The term ‘Taish’ itself means wrath.

Source: ZEE5

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Greed is the sin that causes extreme selfish desires in a person, for things like power, wealth, etc. The person who is deep in greed can even snatch the thing they desire from their family or friends, disregarding their feelings. One such character from ZEE5, is Bharat Lal’s aunt, from the film Kaagaz. Bharat Lal’s aunt, in her greed to acquire his land, gets him declared dead on government records so that he can’t reclaim his land.

A still from Kaagaz

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Lust is the sin that causes a person to commit immoral actions in regards to their sexual desires. The ZEE5 character that displays this sin, is King Bhadrapratap (Annu Kapoor) from Paurashpur. He was a sadist king, who, to fulfil his desire for lust, married multiple women and also abused them. His actions caused his ultimate downfall when the women retaliated against him and buried him alive.

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Pride is considered the most severe sin and is also believed to be the one responsible for giving rise to the other six sins. The sin of pride causes a person to be so arrogantly deep in ego and self-importance, that the person becomes inconsiderate of everyone and everything else. The character we have for this sin is Yudi (Sumeet Vyas) from Dark 7 White. Since his youth, Yudi had this pride in his family name that he was highly inconsiderate towards his friends and aides. He used, abused and even killed his closest ones for his own sake.

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Envy is the sin that causes a person to commit unethical actions out of jealousy. Prateik Babbar’s character in The Power, Ranjeet, was one such person, deep in envy. From the beginning, he was shown to be envying his in-laws, the Thakurs because they controlled a powerful crime empire and he did not get a say in any of it. Out of this envy, his betrays and kills people from his own family, ultimately ruining his own life, too.

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Gluttony is the sin that makes someone ‘overeat’, metaphorically. A person who is committing the sin of gluttony will want more for self, even if he/she has plenty. This also causes the person to take away from the poor for his/her over-indulgence. One such character is the businessman, Keswani (Aamir Ali), from ZEE5 series, Naxalbari. Keswani was the director of a mining company, who was gluttonous for the land of the tribals in Gadchiroli and wanted it for his business.

Source: Aamir Ali’s Instagram

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While sloth refers to laziness, the sin of sloth tells something more. Sloth is the sin that makes someone passive about doing their basic actions. A person with sloth will not want to do the things that he or she is supposed to do by themselves. The film, Why Cheat India, is about students who opt to get their entrance exam papers written by other scholarly students rather than do it themselves, displaying their sloth.

A still from Why Cheat India

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