Celebrity Spotting: Eijaz Khan Clicked Outside a Restaurant in Mumbai

Actor Eijaz Khan was recently spotted outside a posh restaurant in Mumbai. Have a look at his appearance video with all the necessary details.. Read.

Sania Kader

March 13, 2021

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Television actor Eijaz Khan was recently spotted in Andheri outside a posh restaurant. The reality star was seen heading out while being dressed in a pair of casual and well-styled clothes. The actor was also seen having a fun conversation with the paparazzi before walking off. He made it a point to pose for the cameras and was also seen flashing a bright smile while he spoke with the paps. Eijaz Khan made it a point to maintain proper social distancing while the shutterbugs did their job. He also took off his facemask to give a bunch of good pictures to the people who had been waiting for him since a long time. Eijaz Khan has lately been working on a film which is expected to release within the next few months.

Here is a look at the ZEE5 video with details related to Eijaz Khan’s spotting in Andheri:

Television actor and reality star Eijaz Khan was recently spotted right outside Indigo restaurant in Andheri. The actor walked out of the venue and also took a few minutes to pose for the pictures before making his way out of the vicinity. Eijaz Khan has lately been in the news for his relationship with Pavitra Punia, which picked up during his stint in a reality TV show.

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In the video attached above, Eijaz Khan is seen walking out in a pair of black jeans which fit the occasion perfectly. He has added a simple light blue T shirt to the look, which gave him a casual and laidback appearance. He has also added a set of black sunglasses which matched his outfit well. Eijaz Khan’s hair has been set well with trimmed beard, making him look well-groomed. His bright smile for the pictures also add beauty to the clicks.

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