Brahmarakshas 2: Reasons why Angad is capable of protecting Kalindi from the devil

Read further and check out how Angad is capable of protecting Kalindi from Brahmarakshas.

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December 30, 2020


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Brahmarakshas 2 is currently at the peak of its plot. With Brahmarakshas getting into a human’s body and increasing closeness between Angad and Kalindi, the show has undoubtedly kept the netizens glued to their seats. Angad and Kalindi’s growing chemistry is getting all the attention. However, is Kalindi and Angad’s ever-increasing chemistry going to keep the former safe from the Brahmarakshas on the prowl? Take a look at reasons why Angad is capable of protecting Kalindi from the Brahmarakshas.

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Angad and Kalindi’s friendship

Angad and Kalindi are best friends from their childhood. However, at a very young age, Angad and his family flew off overseas and there is a huge hiatus between the couple. Angad and Kalindi do not reunite until they are about to turn 21. Being Kalindi’s childhood friend, Angad is capable of protecting her from Brahmarakshas. Even though they were not in contact for several years, Angad still cares for Kalindi like he used to.

Brahmarakshas 2

Angad’s intriguing behaviour towards Kalindi

When Angad returns to India, he fails to remember Kalindi. Angad and Kalindi meet in funny circumstances. The former does a prank on the latter. Kalindi, however, teaches Angad a lesson and so the latter gets interested in knowing her. Angad finds out that Kalindi is staying in the same house. In the recent episode of Brahmarakshas 2, Angad unknowingly saves Kalindi from Brahmarakshas at the engagement party.

Brahmarakshas 2

Angad’s father

Angad’s father and Kalindi’s father were friends. After Kalindi’s father’s death, Angad’s father wished to help his kids. When Angad and his family returns to India, Angad’s father asks Kalindi’s uncle about Kalindi and her sister. However, in order to fulfil his motives, her uncle lies about Kalindi’s death. He says Kalindi’s sister also got married. Angad’s father wished Angad and Kalindi to marry. Therefore, when he learns about Kalindi, he would also be one reason why Angad could protect Kalindi from Brahmarakshas.

Brahmarakshas 2

Angad’s return to India

Angad’s return to India itself proves he is meant to protect Kalindi from the Brahmarakshas. When the Brahmarakshas rises back from ashes to take his revengeon Kalindi, Angad returns to India. When Brahmarakshas tries to chase Kalindi in the party, Angad unknowingly saves her from Brahmarakshas. As a result, Angad’s return in Kalindi’s life is better for her protection from Brahmarakshas.

Brahmarakshas 2 Brahmarakshas 2

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