BIRTHDAY SPECIAL: 5 Movies To Celebrate Rocking Star Yash’s Phenomenal Success Story

From Kallara Santhe to KGF, here are a few movies that showcase the acting prowess of the hugely versatile star


January 8, 2020


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Today is the birthday of the very well-known actor or rather ‘rocking star’ Yash who has managed to touch the hearts of many through his performance as Raja Krishnappa Bairya aka “Rocky” in last year’s mega hit KGF. The actor, who turns 33 today, started his career at the age of 20 with Moginna Manasu. Today, the handsome actor is one of the top stars not just in the Sandalwood industry but also across the country.

On his birthday, here are some of his exceptional movies that you mustn’t miss.

  1. Kallara Santhe

Kallara Santhe revolves around Somu played by Yash, a Kannada MA graduate and a stickler for discipline, who is unsuccessful in everything he tries to pursue, be it a lecturer, reporter, auto driver, canteen owner. Finally, he becomes a thief. He falls in love with Roopa, played by the gorgeous Haripriya. Yash’s failures and attempt to turn his life around is encouraging for the viewers and a must-watch! 

  1. Mr. And Mrs. Ramchari:

A romantic comedy. Mr. And Mrs. Ramchari is the perfect film to watch if a light hearted one is what you’re looking for. Yash plays a short-tempered character who initially has a repelling vibe to him yet as the film progresses, the actor manages to connect with the audience who eventually feel empathetic towards his struggle with his lover. What makes this movie special is the fact that his lover is played by Radhika Pandit who the actor is married to in real life!

  1. Rajadhani

Even though Rajadhani isn’t one of the latest films, the actioner highlights how the youth tend to lose their way in society due to wrong parenting and support of corrupt government officials. As a consequence, their contribution to society becomes negative. Yash plays one of the five youngsters. Thanks to its plot, the movie is relevant even today.

  1. Googly

Our birthday boy truly showcases his versatility as an actor through another well-done film, Googly. Here he plays an interesting character of Sharath who has his own set of challenges of seldom finding friends because of his unusual behaviour. Watch this one to see how love can turn the tables around and his transformation as a character!

  1. KGF

Although Yash has been quite relevant in the industry for all these years, what made him an overnight star was his power-packed performance in KGF. He plays the protagonist and narrates the happenings at the Kolar Gold Fields, where the film is set. How he overcomes various obstacles and rises to power forms the crux of the plot. In this movie, Yash was also seen in his new bearded avatar that won him a huge female following!

Catch Yash in Googly exclusively on ZEE5!

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