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Bigg Boss 15: Vishal Kotian Talks About Physical Scuffle With Jay Bhanushali And Much More


November 29, 2021

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Post his shocking eviction from Bigg Boss 15, TV actor Vishal Kotian talks in-depth about his changed equation with Jay Bhanushali regarding the heated showdown in the house. Read on to know more

We all saw the eliminations of four contestants in form of Simba Nagpal, Jay Bhanushali, Vishal Kotian, and Neha Bhasin out of the bottom six contestants that had been decided by the media representatives during their visit to Bigg Boss house within the last week which lead to bottom-six being in the danger zone and whilst Vishal Kotian’s elimination was too shocking, but this is true that he got evicted due to very fewer votes but if we see then game-wise he had been audiences favorite and was the fans favorite contestant as well so his eviction was a huge shock and even after being the smartest player, he got evicted from the show which also left him baffled.

In his recent interview with a leading portal, Vishal opened his entire heart out and bared his soul in a candid conversational chat, and spoke about his journey with Jay Bhanushali.

On the show fans saw how Vishal and Jay, who initially started on a friendly note and were often referred to as the Jai and Veeru of the house, often got into verbal spats and heated arguments with each other. Both the actors got into a major physical fight and pushed each other hard after the recent press conference in the house which further spoiled their bonding even more.

Finally talking about same, Vishal Kotian asserted that when compared to Jay he does not hold grudges and therefore he forgave him and also confessed how he felt bad and hurt when Jay hit him below the belt, but he did not stoop low to this level just to insult him, thinking how his wife and daughter would feel and also added that Jay didn’t realize that even his dad woudl be watching the show and which is why he forgave him and also added that someday Jai Veeru would come together at some point in life.

Opening up on his eviction, he expressed his feeling of disappointment and hurt wherein he didn’t expect to be evicted so soon and early and that his journey cannot be judged by a single task as he played this game with his heart and feels there are mamy more undeserving contestants in the show currently when compared to him and his game which is the reason why he is not feeling good and nice but the happy part is that hecan meet all his friends and family now outside the house.

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