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Bigg Boss 15: Vishal Kotian Reveals His Favorite Contestant In Ticket To Finale Task Via A Special Video Message


December 16, 2021

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Now that only a few weeks are remaining for the finale and the game of Bigg Boss 15 is getting more grueling, former BB contestant Vishal Kotian is finally talking about who out of these two specific names is his favorite contestant currently

It is safe to say that from the last week itself the game has become more interesting, challenging, and tough enough which is keeping every contestant on its toes constantly and the ticket to finale task is having different new tasks being conducted by Bigg Boss which gives them a golden opportunity to become the finalist of the reality show and in the museum task everyone had to steal the items without being caught by the jail guards and if they get caught red-handed, then they all will go to jail.

Whilst this task has gotten the contestants scrambling again with new alliances to get ahead in the game, recently the evicted contestant Vishal Kotian has come on board with a special message dedicated for his dearest friend on the official handle who according to him is playing a really strong and fantastic game currently and also is emerging as a firm and independent game player who doesn’t need any man or relationship to better her game.

Vishal’s special video message for Tejasswi Prakash with whom he has strongest bonding of friendship and is one of his closest friends that he made in the house, says that for him out of Shamita and Tejasswi, it is Tejasswi who is his favorite and closest friend. Urging her to stay firm, he also added that if he would have been in house then he would win this task and now since he is not there, then he is rooting for his dearest friend Tejasswi Prakash.

He mentioning her strong qualities said that Tejasswi is very strong, fearless and firmly playing an amazing game. His dialogue for Tejasswi is, ‘Wo nidar hai aur drid nischay se khelti hai’.

He also added how he was the only contestant that came from the jungle to house first and also became a VIP member very first time in house and now that he is not there in the house, then out of Shamita and Tejasswi his favorite is Tejasswi.

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