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Bigg Boss 15 Weekend ka Vaar: Salman Khan Loses His Cool On THIS Contestant, Says ” Zip It”


January 16, 2022

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Salman Khan the host of the most talked reality shoe Bigg Boss 15 gets furious on This contestant for his inappropriate behavior towards women and guests

The most controversial reality show Bigg Boss 15 is getting more and more interesting day by day and one of the reasons behind it is Abhijit Bichukale. Ever since he has entered the show he is seen picking up fights especially with the women inside the house. He is seen passing inappropriate comments which leads into a huge issue because of all of these he is being scolded several times by the host of the show to stay in his limits and not to cross one and have control over his language.

In the upcoming episode we will witness that Abhijit is being once again warned by the host Salman Khan for his inappropriate behavior in front of the guest media panel. A clip is being recently out where on of the media guest questioning that has Bigg Boss given special right to Abhijit to do anything.To which Rashami is seen getting in between and is heard saying that Abhijit has a very dirty thinking when it comes to women’s inside the house even Tejasswi was seen commenting on it by saying that he comments of the outfit of the girls asking for kisses and all to which Abhijit is seen defending himself and saying that get the past fight in all of this and repeating it again and again they all are trying to destroy his image  where furious Rashami is seen telling Abhijit “ Shut up you Idiot” to which Abhijit is heard saying that Rashami’s whole family is idiot and was seen misbehaving in front of the while media panel. Salman Khan who was very furious was seen quietly watching everything Abhijit was doing. One of the media panel guest told him to calm down and not to lose his temper and questions him that is he gonna apologies to for his behavior or not to which furious Abhijit was seen telling the media guests that they don’t know who is he to which the media panel responded by saying the people outside the house also don’t know him. Looking at his behavior, Salman Khan was fuming in anger and said “Ae Abhijit Zip It” in a very bad tone.

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This is not the first time that Abhijit has been seen misbehaving along with the contestants and guests.Earlier he was also seen misbehaving with Neha Bhasin in the last Weekend Ka Vaar episode.

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Do you think Abhijit Bhichukale this kind of behavior shouldn’t be tolerated and the makers of the show should throw him out of the house because of his inappropriate behavior towards women? Drop down your comments in the comment section

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