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Bigg Boss 15: Ieshaan Sehgaal Openly Backs Tejasswi Prakash; Says, ‘Some Will Find Great Pleasure In Provoking Reaction From You’


November 30, 2021

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Post his eviction from Bigg Boss 15, the charismatic model and former contestant Ieshaan Sehgaal is actively taking to social media for standing in support with Tejasswi Prakash and also bashed trolls and wildcard contestants for targeting TejRan constantly

We all saw the unexpected eviction of Ieshaan Sehgaal and soon after that Miesha Iyer’s elimination as well before the shocking bottom-six eliminations in the show which ended up breaking hearts of the ardent Mieshaan fans who felt it was unfair and so on.

Now being a former evicted contestant and avid fan of the reality show, Ieshaan has been watching all episodes of Bigg Boss 15 as well and he often keeps on sharing his take and point of view related to the gameplay of his two constant faves which are Tejasswi Prakash and Karan Kundrra on social media which also starts conversations amongst fans and netizens in the Twitter comments section of their take on the game and lots more things.

He also stands strongly in support of Tejasswi Prakash along with the netizens when he sees other guests coming in and pointing out that their relationship is fake and not real he then comes out strongly as a huge supporter of TejRan. He has quickly amassed a strongly increasing social media following since his memorable stint in Bigg Boss 15 which keeps him in limelight apart from his fairytale relationship with lady love Miesha Iyer that makes all the Mieshaan fans go aww and ga ga on social media and also takes social media by storm as all their pictures and videos go viral.

Taking to his Twitter handle, he wrote two specific tweets, and in the first one whilst interacting with his fans, he mentioned how some people always find it amazing in eliciting or getting a rise and reaction out of Tejasswi and also urged her to realize how she needs to discover and learn the great pleasure and joy in giving them zilch and nothing out as a reaction and ended his tweet with the hashtags of Tejasswi Prakash, Karan Kundrra and TejRan.

In the next tweet written an hour back by Ieshaan, he has mentioned and talked about howhe feels this kind of behavior is so appalling that whenever there is a couple inside the controversial Bigg Boss house who have fallen heads over heels in love with each other for real and have a strong and pure relationship with one another, the celebrity guests and lately the wildcard contestants as well have come inside the house and immediately started questioning the relationship and placing allegations on that couple faking it just for the game which is so not true at all and also use a bad language and derogatory comments as well.

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He also shared how this same thing had happened with him and Miesha and now is also seen happening with Tejasswi and Karan in the house as well where everyone is constantly seen targeting them for being fake and plotted and added that no wonder this entire world is in opposition against their lovestory and ended his explosive tweet with the hashtags Tejasswi Prakash and Karan Kundrra.


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