7 Iconic Cop Dramas Of Bollywood Including The Latest Blockbuster Radhe

The glimpse of Radhe has made us recall some iconic Bollywood flicks including the stories of Dabangg, Rowdy, and other cops. And we believe Radhe will live up to the aura of these classic hits!

Earlier, cop characters in movies were portrayed as crime-fighting machines. Whatever the scenario may be, by the end of the story they would always emerge as a saviour. While this gave the audience a happy ending, they also called out on cinema being no less than a fantasy world. However, this has certainly changed in modern-age cop dramas where the stories are written with a dash of realism. Being on similar lines, the audience is eagerly waiting for Salman Khan’s upcoming cop-drama Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai.

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And the glimpse of Radhe has made us recall some iconic Bollywood flicks including the stories of Dabangg, Rowdy Rathore, and other cops who were laden with lifelike situations. And over the years, many cop films in Bollywood have essayed some relevant themes. Thus, these movies have not only entertained the viewers but also made them aware of harsh realities. And we believe that Radhe will be reviving this cinematic aspect.

So, here are 7 iconic cop dramas from Bollywood and why Radhe will live up to the aura of these classic hits.


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Action and entertainment come perfectly together in Salman Khan’s most-appreciated Dabangg series. The story of a macho cop Chulbul Pandey has been the favourite of the masses. With an intriguing storyline, this film series highlighted the crime world residing within the corners of countryside India. The writing part of Dabangg brings out the best of its characters and thus it has emerged as an iconic cop-drama franchise.

Salman’s Chulbul Pandey will be at the forefront within the universe of Bollywood cops.


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Rohit Shetty’s directorial Singham is another popular cop-drama of Bollywood. Packed with action and layered with interesting storylines, the film sheds a light on the corrupt system. From white-collar crimes to the problems within the force, Singham sensitively essays many relevant themes. While Ajay Devgn’s charismatic cop Bajirao is the soul of this drama, Shetty’s notable action sequences make for a gripping watch.

Rowdy Rathore

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Salman Khan’s Radhe has the notions of a ‘baddie’ cop somewhat similar to Rowdy Rathore. And why not? Both these stories come from Prabhudeva’s school of thought. The 2012 film Rowdy Rathore brought in a much-needed change in the action drama. Also, it became a milestone in actor Akshay Kumar’s career. The film revolved around a thief Shiva who happens to be a look-alike of a rowdy cop Vikram. Shiva’s life changes for good when he takes up Vikram’s place after the latter’s sudden death.

Apart from being a laughter ride, the film had many emotional moments. And thus Rowdy Rathore is another notable cop drama of Bollywood.


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The 1999 classic film Sarfarosh was another emotional and realistic cop drama. Featuring Aamir Khan in the lead, the story revolved around a medical student Ajay who joins the police force after his brother gets killed by the terrorists. Though the premise might sound like a revenge saga, it follows a very real scenario as Ajay deals with the problems within the police force.

The film essays the themes such as discrimination within the force, religious bias, etc which are relevant even today.


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Shool is one of the finest cop dramas of the 90s which has a sense of realism to it. The film follows the story of an honest and dutiful police officer Samar who often gets transferred for being a rightful cop. However, his life turns upside down when he crosses paths with a corrupt politician.

Unlike other cop dramas, Shool essays the tragedy of policemen who get trapped between influential politicians and notorious criminals.

Ardh Satya

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Following the story of a young cop Anant Velankar, the film Ardh Satya is one of the most interesting cop dramas of all time. The film sheds light on the hypocritical outlook of society. Anant finds himself in a dilemma when his principles get overlooked amid the corrupt system of politics and force. Ardh Satya treats the viewers with an exceptional portrait of a conflicted cop. As the story paces, it keeps on emotionally gripping the viewers.

Black Friday

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To get a better understanding of police procedures and working, there’s nothing better than Anurag Kashyap’s Black Friday. Based on the 1992 Bombay blasts, the film delves into the lives of police officers as they deal with thousands of suspects, numerous arrests, etc. The film shows two sides of the story. One essays the lives of brainwashed criminals while the other one deals with the police investigation.

Radhe, The New Entrant?

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Unlike other cop dramas of Salman Khan, Radhe seems to have an interesting approach to its storytelling. The film follows the story of a special officer who’s assigned a mission to terminate the crime lord of the city. However, it’s not the basic plotline of the story that has gotten us excited. The highlights of Radeh will be the notable themes, it will be portraying.

From drug rackets to violence against police, Radhe is laden with some crucial plot points. Moreover, Salman’s macho avatar as a real and fierce cop will surely do justice to the story. And thus, we can say Radhe will make it to the list of iconic cop dramas of Bollywood.

Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai will be streaming on ZEEPLEX from May 13.

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