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3 Times When Sanjay Dutt Made Headlines With These Controversies


October 7, 2021

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Sanjay Dutt has been the in famous Bad Boy in Bollywood, who many women also coveted his looks and great acting. Some of his controversies have been the most shocking

Sanjay Dutt is the quintessential great guy you see in films who has given many bits. But he hasn’t had a completely clean slate when it comes to real life. Sanjay was a drug addict while at the peak of his stardom. His drug addiction was the reason for the downfall in his film career. His addiction spiraled more after he lost his mother to cancer. He has been in the news several times, for the wrong reasons too. Here are times when Sanjay Dutt’s controversies made headlines–

1. Love Affairs

Women love men who give off a bad boy vibe. Sanjay and his love affairs always hit the headlines because he was constantly dating and getting married. He started dating Tina Munim and broke up after two years. He married Richa Sharma; then, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Sanjay abandoned her for Madhuri Dixit, whom he dated for quite some time. After Richa died, he married model Rhea Pillai. He divorced her too and married his current wife, Manyata Dutt.

2. Obsession with Guns

Guns and ammunition have landed Sanjay Dutt in huge trouble. He had a licensed gun at his place and many different kinds of other arms like AK 47. He also landed up in trouble for the same when he fired shots at his house and broke the window glass. He said he did that as he was heartbroken after his breakup with Tina Munim. Interestingly, he also had lampshades in the shape of a gun.

3. Relations with Underworld

Sanjay Dutt and his conversation with terror mafia Chota Shakeel was one of the most significant controversies. Chota Shakeel was a part of the gang that conducted the 1993 serial blasts in Mumbai. Sanjay has been known to have connections with the underworld. He had received a supply of guns from terrorist Abu Saleem too. When he was caught for illegal possession of arms, he also spoke about another terrorist.

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Sanjay Dutt is living a quiet life with his wife and children now and we think he makes a cool dad.

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