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Bangalore (Karnataka) [India], June 18 (ANI/BusinessWire India): Under its Immigration Levels Plan, Canada is now looking to welcome over 430,000 new immigrants each year, which is the highest level in its history.

June 18, 2022


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Bangalore (Karnataka) [India], June 18 (ANI/BusinessWire India): Under its Immigration Levels Plan, Canada is now looking to welcome over 430,000 new immigrants each year, which is the highest level in its history.
Canada’s immigration goals are to strengthen the economy, reunite families, and help refugees. While discussing the details about Canada’s upcoming plans for immigration, a conversation with Rahul Malhotra, CEO, Sernexuss Management & Services Pvt Ltd ( has made a lot of things clear. They are India’s most trusted visa consulting firm.
Canada has always been one of the top immigration destinations for skilled workers and immigration aspirants from all over the world. The world-class education, universal healthcare, high wages for professional workers, social status, and benefits have been a magnet for thousands. Flattered by beautiful scenery, an easy-going lifestyle, stable economy, and an immigrant-friendly society, Indians contribute the highest no. of the immigrant population in Canada.
Each year, the federal department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) release a new Immigration Levels Plan which it uses to guide its operations.
Rahul and the organization devote a good time in analysing the immigration trends, as per his research, In 2021, IRCC exceeded its target by welcoming more than 405,000 immigrants. In 2022, this target will rise to 431,645 new permanent residents (PRs). In 2023, Canada will aim to welcome an additional 447,055 immigrants and in 2024 another 451,000
Why Canada Needs Immigrants
Canada welcomes high levels of immigration to keep its economy strong.
Canada has one of the world’s oldest populations and also one of the world’s lowest birth rates. This creates economic and fiscal pressures. Canada has a low rate of natural population growth which results in low rates of labour force and economic growth. Low economic growth makes it difficult for Canada to raise the taxes it needs to support social spending on services such as education, health care, and other important areas that provide high living standards in the country.
Rahul said, as a result, Canada has been increasing its immigration levels since the late 1980s to increase its rate of population, labour force, and economic growth. Canada now depends on immigration for the majority of its population and labour force growth and a larger share of its economic growth.
Consider that Canada will have 9 million baby boomers reach the retirement age of 65 by the year 2030. This means that Canada will have fewer workers at a time when it’s social spending on health care will rise. To alleviate this challenge, Canada has been proactive by gradually raising its immigration targets for over 30 years now.
Canada has regularly welcomed over 200,000 immigrants per year since 1988. In recent years, it has decided to increase its levels to over 400,000 per year. Canada’s immigration rate now stands at around 1.1 per cent. In other words, Canada welcomes three times more immigrants on a per capita basis than the United States of America.
Based on its demographic realities and its immigration trends, it appears likely that Canada will continue to gradually increase its immigration levels over the foreseeable future. Immigration will remain critical to supporting a healthy economy and fiscal situation in the country.
Contact Sernexuss Management & Services Pvt Ltd for Assistance
Sernexuss Management and Services Pvt Ltd is a visionary organization devoted to offering unrivalled visa solutions to people, families, entrepreneurs, and investors. The Transparency and authenticity of this firm is what is liked by their clients. Even before they associate with any immigration aspirants they first thoroughly screen the profile at three stages then only they start providing services, this makes them highly reliable.
They have been providing various Immigration Services ranging from Permanent Residence Visa along with Career Assistance, Visitor Visa, Student Visa, Business Visa and Visa by Investment, they have settlement solutions across the globe and are marked as best immigration consultant in Delhi.
They are authorized to provide Canadian Immigration Consultancy, Han Yi is a Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) based in Greater Toronto, Ontario.
Rahul shared that more than half of the migrants are interested in migrating on a Canada PR Visa through Express Entry itself, as it is the fastest immigration program ever in history. They have always been one step ahead, advising their clients to immigrate to Canada with the most suitable program according to their profile. They offer quality visa consulting services to students, skilled professionals, entrepreneurs, SMEs, MSMEs, and other business owners.
Located in Delhi and Bangalore, the firm has proposed to services clients in all the Tier-1 cities soon, the team takes care of clients by offering the best Canada PR visa as international residents interested in immigrating to Canada. The team ensures flawless and end-to-end immigration services for all the candidates so that they don’t face any difficulties while applying for Canada PR, and moving to Canada. Sernexuss offers the best representation to their clients by having an association with ICCRC registered members and a post-landing team in Canada.
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