Healthcare marketing startup to expand pan-India – built for doctors, by doctors

New Delhi [India], January 6 (ANI/SRV): Docstokes, a pioneer in healthcare digital marketing, is planning to spread its wings across the country and provide the healthcare industry with a helping hand in undergoing a major digital transformation.

January 6, 2022


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New Delhi [India], January 6 (ANI/SRV): Docstokes, a pioneer in healthcare digital marketing, is planning to spread its wings across the country and provide the healthcare industry with a helping hand in undergoing a major digital transformation.
The company works towards bridging the gap between the integrated marketing needs of doctors with solutions offered by marketing and IT experts. Through its vast offerings, the digital branding and strategy consultancy, Docstokes aims to reach more healthcare professionals in need in the near future.
In 2021, Docstokes took a major leap and is now servicing doctors (clients) based out of Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, and Surat, creating and maintaining their brand profiles with a strong marketing plan. With the growing popularity, majorly in the western region, Docstokes is now expanding its offices in Pune, Mumbai, Gurgaon, and Delhi-NCR.
While traditional methods like medical camps and CME’s still work, they are too time-consuming, a little outdated, and quite expensive. Docstokes aimed at providing a cost-effective add-on platform for doctors in the digital world to connect with the audience. Operating in a very niche area of the healthcare sector, Docstokes understands doctors better.
While other marketing agencies can harm the reputation of a doctor simply because they do not understand specialized medicinal terminologies, Docstokes focuses on creating engaging content with touch-points that help the doctors in connecting with people in a better way.
Where other marketing agencies failed, Docstokes stepped in by creating digital content for doctors including website development, Blogs, SEO services, Social Media Marketing, Digital Branding, content writing, etc.
They specialize in understanding medical jargon and communicating it effectively in common terms for the viewers to understand. Being a doctor herself, Dr Kavya understood that misinformation or incorrect interpretation is more harmful than beneficial content and therefore she roped in medical experts for her venture who create medical content for mass consumption that is beneficial for doctors and the audiences.
With the onset of the pandemic, it became evident that besides being virtually visible, it was the only way to stay in touch with patients. The doctors were unable to help people due to the obvious restrictions. Conducting one-on-one sessions with people was impossible. But help was needed and keeping this in mind, Dr Kavya Singh started an online initiative called ‘Ask The Experts’ for the patients during these tough times. When most of the startups were floundering, this initiative garnered an overwhelming response and a widespread audience. The doctors were now able to help the patients and the patients in turn got the correct input rather than arbitrary information. This reaffirmed the power of digital brand consultancy she believed in, that doctors can reach out to the masses with the help of digital tools on the web. These baby steps further fueled her passion to help the masses along with creating visibility for the doctors.
Starting practice in a new city is more difficult for a doctor than any other profession primarily for the fact that patients tend to visit the doctors they trust. The shift to Surat was not easy for Dr Kavya Singh too. She knew that she would have to start from scratch. That she would have to build trust and instill confidence if she was to launch her career in Surat. As her first step of building a connection with patients and others from the fraternity, she started providing effective and beneficial guidance online that helped her gain the confidence of her audience. It was during this time that Dr Kavya Singh realized that doctors too need to have a digital presence if they were to keep up with the changing times. But doctors, with their busy schedules, hardly get the time for themselves.
As a doctor-led healthcare marketing agency, the team of Docstokes developed a unique patented process of assessing their clients (doctors) with a Digital Health Check-up. It aims at assessing the digital presence, implementation of healthcare marketing provided by Docstokes, revaluation, and optimization.
The core team of Docstokes is led by Dr Kavya Singh himself & includes enthusiastic & hardworking youngsters.
Rishika Kapadia looks after the Sales & Marketing, Mr. Dhruv Surti takes care of the social media management along with Khushboo Bihani.
Graphics and videos are handled by Antra Agarawal, Ashwin Pradhan, and Rahul Bhagat. The company also plans to launch telemedicine and crowdfunding platform services for their healthcare clients and a complete health social media news channel as part of their 360-degree media healthcare solutions platform. With the services Docstokes provides and specializes in, shaping the future of the healthcare industry is just the first step towards a larger goal. A branding pioneer in healthcare digital marketing, Docstokes is the fastest growing digital marketing and strategy consultation company that is marking an exponential growth rate while filling in the content requirement of the medical and pharma industry.
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