AIIMS Delhi to create database, mechanism for cross-referrals with other govt hospitals

In the meeting, the Medical superintendent and director of other government hospitals discussed about cross reference so that patient can get beds during emergency.

October 29, 2022


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By Shalini Bhardwaj
New Delhi [India], October 29 (ANI): AIIMS Delhi Director Dr M Srinivas conducted a meeting on Saturday with Medical Superintendents and Directors of 20 government hospitals regarding emergency referrals.
Dr DK Sharma, Medical Superintendent, AIIMS, Delhi who was also present in the meeting, told ANI, “We are doing our best for the patient coming to the emergency, but large number of patients who require admission we are not able to get them admitted because of non-availability of beds. So our director decided to convene a meeting with the directors and medical superintendent of all hospitals to discuss to finalise a system whereby we can have an emergency services network of all hospitals.”
In the meeting, the Medical superintendents and directors of other government hospitals discussed about cross reference so that patient can get beds during emergency, “so that we can have cross reference, communication dedicated nodal officers, so that of patients when they are referred from one place to another, they can be taken care of better and patient care services in Delhi NCR improves in all government hospitals.”
“We discussed about the database about the availability of beds in other government hospitals. There should be a cross referral means not only AIIMS, but also a patient can be referred to the other Hospitals. All the hospitals are facing some or other problem, so we have decided to make network of emergency services and develop system for cross referrals. We have also discussed that there should be proper communication and a patient should get proper treatment.” he explained further
Recently, according to the office memorandum issued by Dr Srinivas, “the emergency department of AIIMS New Delhi is handling around 600 patients a day which has both critical and non critical cases. AIIMS also receives referral of critical patients from government hospitals which they are not able to handle either due to lack of superspeciality department or due to constraint of bed in the hospital.”
“There is no formal referral mechanism between the government hospitals of Delhi for stable patients and the patients face inconvenience having to move from one hospital to other in search of bed,” he said. (ANI)

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